Fluid Lives

The only person I’m close to in this town is moving very far away for a job. That’s three years after moving here for a job.

5 thoughts on “Fluid Lives”

      1. That’s what I’ve concluded, too. Every colleague in the department whom I really liked and became friends with outside work has since left. With the last couple both my husband and I liked, we dragged our feet a bit getting to really know them, which was probably for the best, because they up and left just a few years (3, 4?) after moving here because a new shinier job opened up for one of them elsewhere. I feel (irrationally) as if people run away the minute I start to care about them. The way to keep them around is to not care if they are around.


        1. Gosh, I feel exactly the same. Like I’m causing this somehow.

          It’s hard enough to get close to anybody for me, and it’s getting worse with age. And then people just leave. 😦


  1. That sucks. We’ve had four people in our small circle of friends move away in the last two years. There aren’t that many people here that we really enjoy spending time with and it’s hard every time that small group shrinks.


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