Not Confusing

Many of today’s capitalists also want more immigration. Ocasio-Cortez also supports more immigration, which is confusing. According to Ricardo’s economic theory, expanding the population in the current environment will increase the cost of housing, health care, and higher education, just as it increased the price of wheat in the 19th century. This would hurt workers.

And why exactly is this confusing? AOC thinks workers are icky. She was elected by a bunch of well-to-do people on a wave of a massive resentment these well-to-do people feel against workers who aren’t super enthusiastic about the globalization. Can anybody honestly imagine any workers watching her Instagram videos and enjoying her Twitter quips? The idea is ludicrous.

3 thoughts on “Not Confusing”

  1. It’s part of US general ethos to think of immigration as normal, though. The idea of coming here to make a new life is the quintessentially USian story.


      1. Well, I’d like to see what the country would look like on a living wage. I can’t even imagine all the effects, some of which might be that the living wage would have to go up.


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