Dumb As Doorknobs

How is it possible to be a student at Harvard and be do irredeemably ignorant?

NYTimes: The Hidden Nightmare of Sexual Violence on the Border

There is an important article in the NYTIMES about the horrific rates of sexual violence among illegal immigrants.

Amidst all of the #MeToo inanity, nobody wants to talk about this. I was stunned when Trump very cautiously mentioned this in his address because it’s a taboo topic. Nobody wants to mention that the culture of machismo is nothing like we have ever come close to experiencing.

Being woman is fun in a very tiny portion of the planet’s territory. Everywhere else, it’s quite shitty. And it’s not geographic location that gives origin to that shittiness.

White Lily

This is a photo of a hero of WWII, Lidya (Lily) Litvyak, a young Soviet-Jewish fighter pilot:

By the age of 22, Lily held the record for the greatest number of kills by a female fighter pilot. She was very deadly in the skies. She was killed in action at the age of 23.

People were talking about her on Ukrainian FB, so I decided to share.

An Important Documentary

A new documentary is coming out about two of the men who were sexually abused by Michael Jackson as children. Of course, the stupid NYTimes immediately compared the victims’ experiences to those of grown actresses who had sex with Weinstein in exchange for roles.

This is so disgusting. Two men were raped as boys by a pedophile, and NYTimes immediately trivializes their suffering by mentioning the utterly irrelevant Weinstein and Bill Cosby.

I’m very glad that the documentary is coming out. I don’t think it has much to do with the inane #MeToo, as NYTimes claims but, rather, with the ongoing sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. A pedophile with a godlike status in his community molests boys, while the community pretends not to notice out of loyalty to the star / priest and what he represents.