An Important Documentary

A new documentary is coming out about two of the men who were sexually abused by Michael Jackson as children. Of course, the stupid NYTimes immediately compared the victims’ experiences to those of grown actresses who had sex with Weinstein in exchange for roles.

This is so disgusting. Two men were raped as boys by a pedophile, and NYTimes immediately trivializes their suffering by mentioning the utterly irrelevant Weinstein and Bill Cosby.

I’m very glad that the documentary is coming out. I don’t think it has much to do with the inane #MeToo, as NYTimes claims but, rather, with the ongoing sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. A pedophile with a godlike status in his community molests boys, while the community pretends not to notice out of loyalty to the star / priest and what he represents.


9 thoughts on “An Important Documentary”

  1. MJ was horribly abused as a child and he kept having those kids come over to his house. I don’t understand why anyone allowed it, it was obvious that something fishy was going on.


    1. “I don’t understand why anyone allowed it”
      he was very, very, very rich… which may have blinded some parents to the sheer…. weirdness of it all
      yeah, the more I found out about his childhood the less I was surprised that he ended up… the way he did
      The larger issue for me is why children are allowed in show business at all… it’s serves mostly as recruitment pool for various pedophile abusers…


      1. Yeah, the richness does seem to be what did it. I still don’t get it, that ought to be its own kind of red flag. Agree on the show business issue.


        1. Who cares that he was abused? He was mega rich and could have paid to get the best treatment on the planet. But he chose not to.

          And pedophiles always prey on kids from shitty families. They are more vulnerable and won’t have anybody to tell about the abuse.


          1. He was too crazy to choose treatment on his own behalf. The thing that weirded me out the most on all of this was not the parents who were poor and beguiled by the opulence, but the ones who weren’t poor and could afford to send their kids on some other adventure that would also be safe. But then I guess there it is — a screwed up family is a screwed up family, and I am assuming there were parents who were poor but nonetheless realized the Jackson offer was not a good one.


  2. I remember listening to an oldies station back in 1995 (around the time when the first allegations came out) and, one time after playing an early-70s Jackson Five song, the dee-jay quipped “That was Micheal Jackson—when he was still innocent” (followed by a flippantly derisive chuckle).

    I guess “Never make anyone your ‘guru'”. Or something along that line …


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