Dumb As Doorknobs

How is it possible to be a student at Harvard and be do irredeemably ignorant?


5 thoughts on “Dumb As Doorknobs”

  1. I don’t see it as different than what a lot of students and faculty have done over the last 200 years, at least in the US. Most campus protests in the US have been irrelevant and unproductive. Change happens, but it takes riots or elections or wars, not something like this. If it has any impact, it’s only because the Harvard administration allows it to do so. It’s not going to impact alumni contributions. The high rollers know how the game is played.


    1. I have nothing against protests but what gets to me is that these students believe that defense attorneys approve of their clients’ crimes and even somehow participate in them post factum.


  2. People are very emotion driven. It drives me nuts when they vituperate about how the legal system is not always just — this is unfortunate but it is real, and I think people should know that, but they do not. And at the same time as they get upset that there isn’t good indigent representation for people who might be innocent, they also get upset, like these students, when people they think or know are guilty still get representation and a fair trial. I do wish they could be more logical, because it takes that to be effective. But many seem to prefer to stew in emotions.


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