The Early Morning Cappuccino

It’s actually the second cappuccino but who’s counting.

I very rarely get to come to this local, non-chain coffee shop because I usually sleep until the very last second and then I’m reduced to grabbing a Starbucks at a drive through. But today I dragged myself out of bed at six to come here and veg out before a very crazy day.

I used to go to coffee shops every day until I moved here, and I kind of miss them.

6 thoughts on “The Early Morning Cappuccino”

  1. Good photograph, well-composed, with the pattern of your necklace lined up directly above the pattern in your cappuccino.

    Are you smiling slightly, or is that a world-weary look?


    1. I have an identical photo with a smile but smiling always makes me look half-witted.
      So I didn’t post it.

      Thank you as always for appreciating my photography.


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