A Stinky Wave

So this is what the vaunted blue wave gave us? A bunch of idiots, clowns, and anti-Semites who are so unhinged that even Pelosi has no control over them? The “forget that collusion investigation, let’s start a real collusion investigation” crowd? A group that’s so mired in petty power struggles that it can’t even pass a resolution condemning anti-Semitism? Twitter stars dogwhistling to racists?

What an achievement. It was all worth it.


Marketing Rules

I love marketing and hate sales. I just don’t have the personality to write to people asking them to read my book or download my articles. I feel embarrassed and self-conscious.

Instead, I self-promote through marketing. For instance, I created an essay prize for the best published article. It has a cash prize. The whole thing is 100% my creation. I place the call for papers for the prize on academia.edu.

Tons of people read the CFP. And what do they do next? They check out my profile to see if I’m legit.

And what do they do next? They start downloading my articles and my book. Because it’s good, useful material.

I posted the CFP yesterday, and already a bunch of people downloaded my stuff. My academia.edu page is exploding.

Plus, the prize is real and very good. Great scholarship gets rewarded and promoted. The association loves me for organizing the prize. Everybody is happy.

I’m telling you, folks, knowing basic principles of marketing is a must these days. This is one of many things I do that are inspired by marketing.