A Stinky Wave

So this is what the vaunted blue wave gave us? A bunch of idiots, clowns, and anti-Semites who are so unhinged that even Pelosi has no control over them? The “forget that collusion investigation, let’s start a real collusion investigation” crowd? A group that’s so mired in petty power struggles that it can’t even pass a resolution condemning anti-Semitism? Twitter stars dogwhistling to racists?

What an achievement. It was all worth it.


30 thoughts on “A Stinky Wave”

  1. Okay, I’ve said it a hundred times on your website. I’ll say it once more for the record:

    Trump doesn’t know how lucky he is that his opponents are so astoundingly incompetent that they couldn’t even play the villain in a bad Adam Sandler comedy. All he has to do is yell “Pocahontas” to his base from now to 2020, and he’ll be re-elected in a landslide.


  2. The wave was elected to serve as a check on Trump, which effectively means more investigations into him. What other options do they have? Any bill they pass has to be passed by the Republican-controlled Senate as well, and even then Trump can veto it.


    1. Oh, really? This is news because I don’t know anybody who ran on this platform. I thought they were elected to address real problems – opioids, infrastructure, all of the things that the Republican senate and Trump would happily sign.

      Seriously, though, you voted for more gridlock? Which specific problem of yours will these investigations solve? Because they definitely solve none of mine.


      1. They ran on that platform, but the main thing they were elected to do was to stop Trump. It was the unsaid thing everyone knew.

        I agree with you that the government should address problems like opioids and infrastructure, but I don’t think Trump and the Republicans would both sign any meaningful solutions into law. I’m under the impression that Trump wanted to pass an infrastructure bill, which would’ve been a great idea, but the Republicans in Congress didn’t want to spend money on that. Trump’s idea of dealing with the opioid crisis was to launch campaigns with gruesome images to scare kids, and that’s probably all the Republicans would want to pay for.

        I’ve read J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy and have given plenty of thought to the opioid crisis. To condense many complexities into one sentence, I think a real solution has to involve being honest with people and telling them that the world has changed and they have to adapt. No politician who says that will ever get elected.

        You know how you talk about how the liberals have won the culture war and effectively control the things that matter (as opposed to which party is currently in power)? Well, I think that many of the characteristics of American government and society that cause me to prefer the States to, say, Russia are also just matters of tradition and culture – you could call it the culture of non-corruption. Trump is the biggest threat to this. It used to not be OK for the American president to base his foreign policy on his family’s business interests and debts. He and Fox News are like Kremlin with its propaganda. When I watch him say that his administration has accomplished more than any other in its first two years, and the Republicans grovel and praise him, I feel like I’m transported to the USSR from before I was born.

        Of course Mueller’s report won’t reveal an elaborate plot of coordination between him and Putin. It’s much simpler than that. It’s just that with Trump, everything is for sale. All his decisions are based on what makes him money and flatters his ego, period, and he’s happy to leave the details to those who are even more hard-working and bigger geniuses than he is.

        I feel like your reaction to the media’s overreaction in its coverage of him is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The response to “Trump is awful and he will make the world end tomorrow” can’t be “Nah, what’s happening is no big deal”.

        I can’t vote, and no, the investigations of a corrupt president won’t solve any specific problems of mine, just address the general existential ones a bit.


        1. Why was it left unsaid, then? I wouldn’t have shown up for any of the candidates who ran for that purpose because it doesn’t interest me. It’s a total waste of time and is based on nothing but empty posturing. Trump is not a worse president than Obama who kept bombing people into oblivion for no purpose and kissing Putin’s ass like nobody’s business.

          As for Fox News being propaganda, it’s a lot less so than CNN, MSNBC, WashPo abd NYTimes. I’m stunned by this development but it’s how things are right now. All of the bleating we hear in the media about how Trump is just the worstest is a lie. Obama already had a pile of dead bodies at his feet at this time in his presidency. So did Bush. And so did Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton bombed the hell out of Yugoslavia to conceal the adventures of his restless penis. How is it any better than whatever is attributed to Trump? Honestly? Those bombings were so bad and missed so often that there was ash falling out of the sky all the way in Ukraine. How is Trump worse? Which beautiful tradition did those bombings reinforce?

          Trump has been a picture of restraint in his foreign policy compared to every US president all the way back to Reagan.


  3. Most people, when they vote, think about their Representative and their Senators. I voted for a Democratic senator — my fellow Floridians did not. So in that sense, no, I personally did not vote for “gridlock” but the overall effect of the elections is gridlock with the way Congress currently operates and has operated for the last 10 years.
    There is a lot of shit I would like to stop or slow down from the current Republican party. So in that sense, yes I voted for gridlock. Unfortunately, confirming federal judges is a Senate controlled affair with no House input.
    Most of the accomplishments (the judges!) of the Trump administration with both chambers of the Congress under Republican control are Mitch McConnell’s and will be there until you and I are old and the elderly readers of this blog are super-centenarians or un/dead. Otherwise…

    The one major act that came out of that Congressional session was the tax bill. I am neither impressed by the rollout nor am I impressed by the fact that they couldn’t pass a budget while they had both houses and the Presidency. They couldn’t repeal Obamacare when they finally had all three branches and they couldn’t get rid of the tax penalty for being uninsured for this year. So if that’s not “gridlock” then what is really the substantive difference? The Republican party has a more narrowly focused platform and less room for deviations from it than the Democratic party. All the “RINOs” are out of office or switched parties.

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    1. It’s because you are not a Jew or an anti-Semite, so you don’t recognize the dog-whistles. I don’t recognize dog-whistles against African Americans, so that’s fine. But believe me, every anti-Semite and every Jew knows exactly what the nasty bitch means.


        1. She wasn’t talking about Israel. She was talking about US citizens who are Jews and whom she accuses of being disloyal to their country. And being too greedy.

          I have no idea what she did or didn’t say about Israel. The current scandal is all about her comments regarding Jewish Americans.


        1. “Jews are greedy and are unreliable citizens because their loyalties lie elsewhere”? It’s not that cryptic.

          Plus, she refused to say she’s not an anti-Semite after being asked directly several times. She was just silent.


  4. \ “Jews are greedy and are unreliable citizens because their loyalties lie elsewhere”

    Ironically for somebody accusing others of Middle-Eastern loyalties, her hatred of Jews is rooted in Middle-Eastern antisemitism, and Muslim ummah’s (community) view of Jewish presence in Israel and … apparently everywhere else.

    Islam has 7 pillars iirc, but many Muslims added the 8th one in their brain: antisemitism. She knows many of her voters adore those dog-whistles.

    \ Plus, she refused to say she’s not an anti-Semite after being asked directly several times.

    Of course, she is. As are quite a few Muslim ‘people of color’ who voted for her.

    Isn’t it nice how Arabs can use African-American history that has nothing to do with them as a shield to protect their own xenophobia?

    Also, it’s nice how Bernie can both be a privileged white man (as opposed to underprivileged people of color) and a suspicious Jew with unknown loyalties (while woe to anyone who would be racist to question her loyalties and cultural attitudes).

    Honestly, between those people and Trump, I would vote for the second. At least, he does not make supporting Palestinians and attacking American Jews (2 different things) his first priority and does not care about ‘the Jewish question’ half as much as Arabs among the new Democrats. The old Democrats I would vote for. The new ones – never. I predict in a few years the not assimilated Jews that remain, f.e. Haredi, will leave the new Democratic party.


    1. Bernie completely supported and defended her. He’s terrified of these rabid creatures who have suddenly overtaken the party.

      This new Congress is proving to be worse than the tea party dominated Congress of 2010. I honestly don’t know what to do. The Democrats aren’t offering me anything I’m interested in and are actively taking away much of what matters to me deeply. And now there’s this.

      It’s not just Omar’s comments. It’s that she’s so lionized and feted that even Pelosi can’t keep her in check.


  5. Ok, I googled and she was born in Somalia in Africa. As I suspected, African Muslims love Jews as much as Muslims of the Middle East.

    I know there is a real hugely problematic situation with Palestinians, but there are many worse situations among Muslims right now. They care about us because we are not them, not Muslim, so there is a known tendency to see the Other as automatically at fault and illegitimate.


    1. There are about 100,000 Somalis in Minnesota. This is a result of the concerted effort to make the state more multicultural. The results can be seen here:





      And I could keep going with the links until tomorrow.

      Then Ilhan Omar gets elected, and what does she do to prove her worth to her district? A district that is hardly problem-free?

      We have all seen what.


      1. “Then Ilhan Omar gets elected, and what does she do to prove her worth to her district? ”

        She shows support for her side (Muslims against non-Muslims) which probably reassures her constituents that when the time comes she’ll stand up for Somalis against other Muslims.
        What she’s doing is part and parcel of the collectivist* mind set, a world view that operates on an eternal us-vs-them logic…

        *nb the term is not political but refers to societies where extended families (often merging into clans or tribes) are the building blocks of societies, as opposed to western individual based societies.


  6. You have once written that Jews complaining against pro-Palestinian activists and praising Trump know that the former will be the ones to protect them if neo-fascists start goose-stepping in the Jewish direction. I do not believe in the rebirth of fascism in the age of liquid modernity / Neoliberalism which we’ve been discussing for ages on this very blog. However, I fully expect new antisemites of all stripes to start happily dance-stepping in the Jewish direction, hiding their hatred under ‘we are against Zionism’ rhetoric.

    You see yourself as a feminist first; I see myself as a Jew first, and would vote for the least dangerously antisemitic party.

    Didn’t know this and got confirmed in my feelings (a long quote going till the end of this comment) :

    // If references to the baleful influence of Jews on Israel policy become too flip, too easy, things can go really wrong.

    To see a real example, one need only to look at Britain.

    In British left-wing and pro-Palestinian circles, derogatory comments about the political clout of Israel and “Zionists” have become quite common. When left-wing insurgent Jeremy Corbyn won the center-left Labour Party’s leadership in 2015, the people who inhabited these spaces seized control of the party power centers.

    Corbyn, who had once referred to members of Hamas and Hezbollah as his “friends,” opened the floodgates for the language of Labour’s left flank to go mainstream. The result is a three-year roiling scandal surrounding anti-Semitism inside the party.

    Dozens of Labour elected officials, candidates, and party members have been caught giving voice to anti-Semitic comments. One Labour official called Hitler “the greatest man in history,” and added that “it’s disgusting how much power the Jews have in the US.” Another Labour candidate for office said “it’s the super rich families of the Zionist lobby that control the world.” The party has received 673 complaints about anti-Semitism in its ranks in the last 10 months alone, an average of over two complaints per day.

    Today, about 85 percent of British Jews believe there are “high” levels of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, and that Corbyn himself is anti-Semitic. Forty percent of Jews say they would “seriously consider” leaving the country if Labour wins the next parliamentary election. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, the former chief rabbi of Britain, recently warned that British Jews feel “an existential threat” from Corbyn’s Labour Party.

    This is why Omar’s tweet was so troubling, and why the pushback from leadership really was merited. If the line isn’t drawn somewhere, the results for Jews — who still remain a tiny, vulnerable minority — can be devastating.


    1. No, I actually see myself as an immigrant first and an academic second. Feminism had achieved its legislative goals and doesn’t have much to do any more.

      And yes, it’s really funny (in a scary way) that after all the discussions of whether Trump hates Jews, it’s the Democrats who are embroiled in a real Anti-Semitism scandal.


  7. The article is here:

    Ilhan Omar’s tweet revealed core truths about anti-Semitism in America
    Omar’s tweet was bad. But the Republican reaction was profoundly hypocritical.

    I disagree with the part “There’s still a left-right difference here” praising Omar for her “sincere willingness to reconsider past comments” which is ” not the kind of behavior you see from deeply committed anti-Semites” and is allegedly “what it looks like when the system works. A member of Congress says something offensive, most of her party explains why it’s wrong, and then she issues a sincere apology and demonstrates an interest in changing. “


  8. // She was talking about US citizens who are Jews and whom she accuses of being disloyal to their country. And being too greedy.

    I searched, but couldn’t find “too greedy” comment made by Omar. Her “It’s all about the Benjamins baby” tried to explain why American politicians defend Israel – because Jews allegedly pay them. It would make not Jews greedy and ready to be bought, while I don’t see how Jews are the greedy ones here.


    1. Jews wield outsize influence with the huge amounts of money they have. And why do they have these huge amounts of money? Because they are greedy bastards, of course. Same as always.


      1. “For those who don’t get it, claims that Israel “hypnotizes” the world, or that it uses money to bend others to its will, or that its American supporters “push for allegiance to a foreign country,” repackage falsehoods commonly used against Jews for centuries. People can debate the case for Israel on the merits, but those who support the state should not have to face allegations that their sympathies have been purchased, or their brains hijacked, or their loyalties divided.

        It’s also a case study in the insidious cunning and latent power of anti-Jewish bigotry— proof that anti-Semitism is not, after all, merely the socialism of fools. Omar, I suspect, knows exactly what she is doing. She pleads ignorance when it suits her, saying she was unaware that her references to hypnosis and “Benjamins” might be considered offensive.”

        It’s from a recent article in the NYTIMES.


      2. Since the beginning of the year, this is the second major anti-Semitic scandal on the left. The first one was about the women’s march leadership. This is in just two months. It’s extremely disturbing. It always existed on the margins but now it’s so strong that the leadership can’t stand up to it.


    1. Happy women’s day! My sister is right now giving a talk at a conference celebrating the international women’s day and trying to shame the listeners with her examples of growing up in a totalitarian state. I hope there’s a recording that I can share under a password. If she lets me.


      1. // I hope there’s a recording that I can share under a password. If she lets me.

        It would have been fantastic. Tell her the readers are eager to listen, if she is fine with that.


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