Marketing Rules

I love marketing and hate sales. I just don’t have the personality to write to people asking them to read my book or download my articles. I feel embarrassed and self-conscious.

Instead, I self-promote through marketing. For instance, I created an essay prize for the best published article. It has a cash prize. The whole thing is 100% my creation. I place the call for papers for the prize on

Tons of people read the CFP. And what do they do next? They check out my profile to see if I’m legit.

And what do they do next? They start downloading my articles and my book. Because it’s good, useful material.

I posted the CFP yesterday, and already a bunch of people downloaded my stuff. My page is exploding.

Plus, the prize is real and very good. Great scholarship gets rewarded and promoted. The association loves me for organizing the prize. Everybody is happy.

I’m telling you, folks, knowing basic principles of marketing is a must these days. This is one of many things I do that are inspired by marketing.


3 thoughts on “Marketing Rules”

  1. This is the right approach — congrats!
    There’s a short fiction writer who’s more or less a peer. He’s marketing savvy in the same way you describe and it has been quite illuminating to observe his MO. He had some minor publishing credits but then opened calls for several anthologies; cleverly lined up a couple of big names, with them on board launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, then ended up with an anthology full of big names whom he could pay for stories. After the first one, a couple more like that and now all big names know him as an anthologies. Before you know it, he reports that he’s made several pro-level sales of his own stories because so much is dependent on past sales and name recognition (his writing is fine, but IMHO it is not clear that it’s pro-venue quality, at least not yet). But he’s one savvy guy and good for him. And good for you!


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