Question for Bernie / Warren Supporters

Folks, a question for everybody who supports Bernie or Warren (which is everybody on this blog, it seems, except for Dreidel).

What kind of an increase in your income tax rates would you accept in exchange for seeing Bernie / Warren as president?

As I said in the comments, I can live with my tax rate going from 23% to 30%. Anything over that makes me lose all interest.

(“More like Sweden” means much higher taxes, everybody knows this, I hope.)

I’d like specific numbers and not lectures on how Sweden is oh so wonderful.

No Run

So Sherrod Brown announced he won’t run. Fuck this. I wanted a chance to vote for somebody I like at least in the primary.

My mostly artificial enthusiasm for Bernie is running out with every intersectional screech he makes. And he now makes them daily. I’d still vote for him in the primary, out of sheer terror of characters like Harris and Gillibrand, but it’s far from an ideal reason for voting.

More Totalitarianism

But environmental campaigns often go further than simply informing future generations about the climate. Many initiatives urge children to use emotional pressure to change their parents’ behaviour. One example is ‘Climate Cops’, run by the energy firm npower: school pupils are given police-officer-style notebooks so that they can ‘book’ themselves, friends or family members who are caught wasting energy or performing other ‘climate-unfriendly’ actions.

Wow, this is totally Soviet! Not of my era, of course, because by that time everybody was very cynical about the ruling dogma but back in the 1920s and 1930s.

What’s new, once again, is the realization that totalitarianism doesn’t need a repressive state apparatus to herd people into a state of abject terror. The locus of terror’s control has been moved inside. But the idea of spying on family members are reporting ideologically unsound behavior is age-old. And so is the effort to isolate children and burden them with guilt from the earliest age.