No Run

So Sherrod Brown announced he won’t run. Fuck this. I wanted a chance to vote for somebody I like at least in the primary.

My mostly artificial enthusiasm for Bernie is running out with every intersectional screech he makes. And he now makes them daily. I’d still vote for him in the primary, out of sheer terror of characters like Harris and Gillibrand, but it’s far from an ideal reason for voting.

35 thoughts on “No Run”

  1. A sad announcement; he’s the only candidate I was enthusiastic for. I’m not going to settle on any specific candidate now, I’ll see how things play out and vote for whoever’s least bad in the primary who makes it to my state. Never thought I’d be considering a vote for Biden or Bernie in 2020, but here we are.


    1. Same here, my friend. 😦 I want a candidate I’d want to go out and knock on doors and get people registered for. Always wanted to do this. And now that I can because I’m finally a citizen, there’s no candidate.


      1. He’s the only candidate who had a chance of winning Ohio, so there’s no point in me getting involved beyond voting.


          1. Definitely. We just need to win Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, which are much easier targets. If we’re winning Ohio, we’re also winning all those states, and probably Arizona or something too. Dems have lost Ohio at this point, and Brown was our only chance of changing that.


            1. You know Ohio better than I would, Demotrash.

              Would Sherrod Brown have to relinquish his Senate seat in order to run for POTUS? (IOW if he lost could he still keep his Senate seat?)

              How likely is it that a Republican would run for Sherrod’s seat and win versus a Democrat? Who would appoint the placeholder for his seat?

              In my opinion, one of Obama’s big blunders was taking elected Democratic politicians in the middle of their terms (and who weren’t term limited) from otherwise Republican states and putting them in his Cabinet.

              I don’t think any Democratic POTUS is going to get anything done with Republicans controlling the Senate, especially with Mitch McConnell.


              1. It’s all irrelevant now since he announced he’s not running. But if he resigned by May 2020 (and by that time we will know who the nominee is gonna be; I could be off about the exact deadline, I looked this up a while ago), an election would be held concurrent with the presidential election; in the meantime DeWine would appoint someone. With Sherrod Brown at the top of the ticket and a strong Democrat like Tim Ryan running for Senator, we could’ve kept that seat.

                If Sherrod Brown resigned after May for whatever reason, DeWine’s appointed replacement wouldn’t stand for election until 2022, which would be terrible; Ohio doesn’t do special elections. If Sherrod Brown decided to be someone’s VP for some dumb reason, we’d definitely lose the Senate seat. He won’t do that though.


          2. I do think Biden could make it close. And anyone who comes close here has won the three Rust Belt states I mentioned previously.


            1. How about Bernie? I don’t see him on Ohio, particularly. But wouldn’t he have some appeal?

              Warren I don’t see being successful in Ohio at all but I might be very clueless.


              1. I don’t see either of them having much appeal in Ohio. Bernie I think could do decently in the other Rust Belt states. We have similarities with those states, but we’re more conservative so Bernie is a bit much for us; Wisconsin would have no problem voting for him. I’m not confident he’d win the election, but I’m not confident in anyone who’s running.


              2. “How about Bernie? I don’t see him on Ohio, particularly. But wouldn’t he have some appeal?”

                For the life of me, I don’t see how people keep imaging Biden and Bernie as almost identical twin brothers, just because both are old white men who do well in Democratic polling.

                They have UTTERLY different political ideologies, and if elected, each would take the United States in a vastly different direction than the other, with profound consequences for life in America and for international affairs.

                Yes, I realize that the Democrats’ main goal in 2020 has to be to defeat Trump — but they should also be giving some serious thought as to what kind of country they want after election day.

                Bernie vs. Biden: literally night vs. day. I don’t see how both of their ideologies can be considered equally acceptable to anyone who understands politics!


              3. To me, it all rises and falls on the taxes. I would love to know what Bernie is thinking. If my tax rate goes to 30% from the current 23% to pay for his rich fantasy life, I can live with that. But if it goes higher, in all honesty he can go ef himself.

                It would be great if everybody here gave their number. What percentage are you willing to pay in taxes if Bernie is elected? Just a specific number.

                Let’s forget all this empty blabber about racism, or definitions of socialism or whatever. What’s your specific, concrete number you can live with?


              4. I agree with one thing he says: five years from now, Ilhan Omar’s vicious anti-Semitism will be completely normal and mainstream.


              5. I never thought he was a racist, so it tells me nothing new. All I want to know about Bernie, is the exact number of how much my income tax will grow when he’s ejected. Everything else is empty posturing.

                Wouldn’t you like to know how much closer to Sweden we will get in this regard?


            1. I honestly don’t get it. I always thought Ohio was super important because it’s supremely winnable with the right kind of messaging. But they just gave up?

              I’m lost.


              1. Also, that’s exactly the kind of thinking that let to a catastrophic loss in 2016. But that’s just my opinion. I don’t claim to be extremely knowledgeable.


              2. I don’t mind. It’s clear the Democratic party doesn’t care about us any more, why pretend to care every four years? Even if they started trying hard starting right this second, what I’ve seen over the past two years makes it clear that they’re moving in entirely the wrong direction.

                Also, Trump is exceptionally well suited to Ohio, and we aren’t supremely winnable so long as he’s the Republican nominee. He took much of his messaging and even policy from Rust Belt Democrats. I can point to so many specific examples of Ohio Dems saying the exact things Trump says years before; he didn’t even invent “build the wall.” Meanwhile, national Dems have abandoned those things, or at least the liberal media has (example: liberal media universally condemned tariffs, but Chuck Schumer himself praised Trump for that, and he wasn’t alone.)


  2. This primary gets more interesting every day:

    Sherrod’s decision is bad news for the Dems — Brown was about the only sane (as in “moderate”) potential candidate with enough name recognition to have any chance in the primary.

    Biden is almost certain (99.9999999999999% probability) to jump in and assume that role. But he’s not going to announce until mid-April, so he can bore everybody for the next six weeks with almost daily press releases that keep repeating, “Biden is very close to deciding….”

    Beto was supposed to make his big announcement by the end of February, so who knows why he’s suddenly gone silent? (Who cares?)

    And even Hillary is secretly hoping to be drafted after the primary totally collapses into chaos. She finally said publicly a few days ago that she wasn’t running, but then her staff quickly drew that back, telling reporters not to interpret that statement seriously, that Hillary “is going to wait a see what happens with Biden…”

    What an entertaining farce American politics has become!


    1. Oh, you didn’t hear? AOC will run in 2024. And she’ll probably win. Then I’ll have to emigrate again. I’m not even joking. I can’t face living in the USSR again.


      1. Where would you emigrate to though? I don’t see any other countries that seem like better options. And if it’s any comfort to you, just keep in mind that AOC has a 27% favorability rating. Then again, Trump had a low rating too (though not that low.)


        1. All that matters is to be an entertaining clown on social media. That’s how you win.

          This individual scares me. Trump at least is 70. You can’t expect much intellectual agility at that age. But in somebody as young as she, it’s very scary to see the smugness of utter ignorance and such a complete rejection of the very concept of learning. Also, the very infantile behavior is creeping me out. It’s like every bad stereotype about Millennials to the power of 10.


  3. “the kind of thinking that let to a catastrophic loss in 2016.”

    Exactly. But the demo narrative isn’t ‘we screwed up’ but ‘Russian interference’. Doing things differently now would be an admission of tactical failure in 2016 and I think those in charge would rather lose again than honestly examine their failure in 2016…


    1. Conservatives say, “Democrats are bringing in millions of illegal immigrants to ensure electoral dominance forever.” We scream, “Liars! Racists! Conspiracy theorists!” Then it turns out to be true.

      Obama says illegal immigrants won’t get governmental healthcare. A Republican yells, “Liar!” We scream, “Racist! Conspiracy theorist! Hater!” Then this year Gavin Newsom gives healthcare to illegal immigrants.

      Conservatives say, “after gay marriage, we will see a push to impose transgenderism. People will start getting fired for refusing to use the correct pronouns.” We scream, “Liars! Haters! Conspiracy theorists!” Then it happens.

      Conservatives say, “the next step is to normalize pedophilia.” We scream, “Liars! Haters! Conspiracy theorists!” And then we are all ordered to applaud small kids dancing in bars for the pleasure of ogling adults.

      I’m starting to think we are total idiots here.


  4. “I’m starting to think we are total idiots here.”

    Give the Democrats credit for doing a few things right. Surely, you can’t object to the “anti-hate resolution” that the House just passed. It correctly condemns, among a thousand other specific items:

    the Dreyfus Affair,

    the incarceration of Japanese-Americans in 1942 during WWII,

    and of course, the questioning of the loyalty of presidential candidate John Kennedy in 1960 because he was Catholic.


      1. You are not serious.”

        Completely serious. I have trouble pasting links in your current WordPress, but you can google “House Anti-Hate Resolution text” if you doubt me.

        This started out as a resolution to condemn the anti-Semitic words of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, but then the Black Caucus objected because Omar is a victimized woman of color, and people are just picking on her because she’s Muslim, and besides most Republicans are racists, and look at everything Trump gets away with, and…

        So a panicked Nancy Pelosi gave a passionate speech saying that she (Pelosi) was sure the Omar “held no anti-Semitic feelings in her heart” and was just misunderstood, and then the resolution was altered to condemn just about every evil that ever existed in history.


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