I mean, how can anybody not in the grip of a severe drug overdose claim that what differs El Salvador from Cuba is that Cuban elites actually care the regular citizens?

So annoying.

Understanding Central America

Why, why isn’t it possible to read a single scholarly volume on Central America without having to slog through endless and deeply ridiculous paeans to Cuba? Which is not part of Central America, even. This makes me distrust everything else the authors say.

Conservative Authors

I’m now ready to look at some books from the really scary conservatives. Obviously, JD Vance, Rod Dreher, Shelby Steele, and Tucker Carlson aren’t very scary by any measure.

So who’s considered the real evildoer, totally beyond the pale? Glenn Beck? Who else? I need names.

P.S. Milo Yiannopolous is out because I looked at the first few pages of his book and the writing is simply atrocious. I can’t read somebody who has no grammar or vocabulary to speak of.