Understanding Central America

Why, why isn’t it possible to read a single scholarly volume on Central America without having to slog through endless and deeply ridiculous paeans to Cuba? Which is not part of Central America, even. This makes me distrust everything else the authors say.

2 thoughts on “Understanding Central America”

  1. “deeply ridiculous paeans to Cuba?”
    After the fall of the Iron Curtain in Europe Cuba was all leftists had… they had to pretend it was some kind of special egalitarian wonderland and not a shithole that combined the worst of Latin America (Machismo, inequality, violence, racism) and Communism (conformist repression, inescapable political castes, enforced privation).
    Just as many developed a deep hatred for the people that rejected Soviet rule (which I’m sure you experienced) they had to prop up Cuba to maintain their political illusions…


    1. Yes, I definitely experienced it.

      It’s so annoying that I’m reading a scholarly volume, looking for information for my research, only to find these vapid emotional outbursts.


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