Attention, Travelers!

Starting in 2021, US citizens will need visas to enter the EU.

12 thoughts on “Attention, Travelers!”

  1. Ok. What’s the problem? EU citizens already have to have a visa or equivalent accreditation to enter the USA.


    1. I didn’t say it’s a problem. It’s just something that’s good to be aware of.

      It’s very sad when the simplest comment with basic information produces such an aggressive reaction. I simply shared something I found interesting.


      1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound aggressive. Brexit nonsense is wearing me down where international relations, international travel, trade and everything else international is involved. Today I am a European citizen. Next month I may not be able to travel anywhere, as I will have become only a citizen of a small, apparently xenophobic nation which can’t agree about anything, even inside it’s own borders. I’m very scared that international corporate power will devour what we have left. However that’s my problem, I shouldn’t make it yours. Apologies.


    2. I thought you’d hail it as a great step fighting against “open borders”. Or at least I expect Cliff Arroyo would. I figure whatever work permit or permanent resident status he has wouldn’t be affected by this change.


      1. I never heard of crowds of immigrants from the US desperate to emigrate to the EU. 🙂 In spite of the great socialized medicine. :-)))

        But I’m not heartbroken over this either. It’s a low-key attempt to bring in a bit of cash, that’s all.


        1. I wasn’t thinking about immigrants though. I was thinking that the Schengen Zone and the EU was a real example of an “open border” for its member states and that reestablishing additional border controls , at least for US citizens was a step away from opening borders.

          I thought you’d applaud it on principle, not because there’s an actual problem with US citizens immigrating. 🙂


          1. These borders are completely open to capital and to the most easily exploitable labor on the planet. A token gesture involving tourists will do nothing to change that reality.


      2. “hail it as a great step fighting against “open borders”. Or at least I expect Cliff Arroyo would”

        As I always say (and no one remembers) borders between countries that are similar socio-economically should be very lax or open. But secure borders between countries that aren’t similar socio-economically benefit all concerned.

        I think Schengen is a great thing… most of the time. But for borders inside Schengen to be open requires the external borders to be closely controlled and that’s often a problem since European institutions are slow and reactive (and often non-reactive) and incapable of rapid decision making and action (see 2015).

        This has nothing to do with that though. My guess is that it’s diplomatic tit-for-tat and probably not related to Trump (IIRC they threatened something similar back during the Obama administration). My guess is that it’s primarily a make-work jobs program (they’re embedded throughout Euro-bureaucratic structures).


  2. This was a tit-for-tat response to the Trump administration imposing a visa requirement on visitors from Europe. The visas have a 3-year duration and are renewable.


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