Sober or Clownish?

Do you think Democrats would be in a stronger position today if after Trump’s election they had chosen the path of being the adults in the room, the sober, reasonable party out to do real work and offer practical solutions to real problems?

Or do you think that trying to outclown Trump is a better path?


3 thoughts on “Sober or Clownish?”

  1. Yes, trying to outclown Trump was a very bad idea.
    Between his election and inauguration there were all kinds of protest marches, with people protesting, not against things he had done, but against things they thought he might do. And even when he did do bad things, most of the criticism was ad hominem: implying that they were bad because Trump was a bad person.


    1. Absolutely. That’s my main issue with all of this.

      But what if this is what brings political victories these days? What if this is what the majority now prefers? I hope not but it’s possible.


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