Joblessness Is Great

And I knew it would get here:

During a talk at SXSW yesterday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got an audience question about automation and jobs and answered by saying, “We should not be haunted by the specter of being automated out of work. We should be excited by that.”

Because it always does.

Of course, she’s excited by it because she’s doing the bidding of the tech industry. It’s FB and Twitter that need millions people out of work, glued to the screens, medicated to the gills, and consuming mountains of cheap crap paid for by the taxes of the fortunate few who get to work. That’s the ideal world for these “socialists.” And they are not trying to conceal it.


20 thoughts on “Joblessness Is Great”

  1. One of our graduates believes this. She’s a lovely young woman and it is working for her so far, she works sometimes and other times like now is teaching yoga and things in a low cost country, enjoying it, but I keep thinking: when you are older you will have more needs than you have now, for one, and for two, this is possible for you because some people have more stable resources and are sharing them.


  2. Clarissa, you’re not approaching what you’re seeing in the media with your usual skepticism. AOC’s full quote (and I’m not a fan of hers) was:
    “We should not be haunted by the specter of being automated out of work,” she says. “We should not feel nervous about the tollbooth collector not having to collect tolls. We should be excited by that. But the reason we’re not excited about it is because we live in a society where if you don’t have a job, you are left to die.”


      1. I’m not excited about automation because I already deal with self serve checkouts and phone trees and it isn’t actually better in the sense of saving me money or time on the consumer side. :-//

        And it’s hardly socialists who have automated the checkouts and the phone trees. So much of this automation is driven by CEOs who really don’t want to pay labor costs.

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  3. We all know automation is killing jobs. And Facebook requires people to buy things in order to get advertisers spending money, so people out of work don’t help. It’s not just about numbers of subscribers anymore. They actually have to show a profit. The subscriber train left the station a couple of years ago. AOC is saying something similar to what Gates, Buffet and Musk have said, that there has to be a stipend for people who can’t get jobs, as well as training programs to put them back into the economy.


    1. That’s the whole point of the UBI. To plant people at home and make them buy stuff (or promote it by clicking) online. It’s a scheme to pump taxpayer money into Zuckerberg’s pocket.

      And of course, Gates and Musk agree. That’s exactly what I’m saying.

      As for training programs, I know, “learn to code.” That worked out beautifully.


      1. Pumping money into their pockets??? You’re looking at one perspective; there are other takes on this. First we have 10% of Americans who never completed high school. Another 40%+ whose education stopped with high school. Automation is closing out traditional jobs for them such as truck driving, cashiers, military and postal carriers. There are no new options. Just what do we do with them?


        1. Save their jobs, of course. We’ve all been frustrated and angered by the automated call centers. They are horrible and useless. But they let some rich dick somewhere save a bundle by firing workers, so we all suffer. Who says much harder jobs like the ones you named will be automated any more successfully? They won’t! Why should we promote this devastation of millions of people and pay for it, to boot, only to get substandard services? What do you personally gain from it? What do I?


          1. Under the current model, corporations are only responsible to shareholders. No one else matters. If corporations think they can improve profits by automating jobs, they will. They are already using government to reduce competition so that quality of service won’t matter. Forbes has a great article on what’s wrong with this model, but no one sees a major change without a complete economic meltdown or violence.


            1. This can be very easily corrected through the taxation model. But nobody is even discussing that possibility. Instead, we are told that this is a wonderful development that has zero human costs, which is a clear lie. Who benefits from the spread of this lie? Whose interests do the proponents of this approach serve?


              1. A Negative income tax was first proposed under Nixon. He was a complete non-starter politically. Nobody outside economists and think tanks supported it. Conservatives hate the idea, believing that anyone who can’t get a job is somehow “defective.” BTW, AOC talked about the human cost of automation in the remainder of the quote you posted — why she isn’t excited about automation. Please see my earlier post which included her full statement.


              2. I’m so glad to see you finally talking about automation!

                I think nobody is even discussing the possibility of correcting this through the taxation model is because it would involve completely changing how our economy works. Businesses compete by becoming more efficient (e.g. getting more work done with fewer employees), and you’re talking about somehow interfering with that via taxation. I can’t imagine conservatives or libertarians being on board with this.

                Who benefits? Everyone with money and power.

                Also, I’m a software engineer. Trust me, everything possible will be automated, and all the information about you will be collected, cross-referenced, and used to manipulate you.


              3. Why are we talking about conservatives and libertarians when we have a whole bunch of super duper progressive leaders who are cheering this on? I’ve been very attentive to public conservatives for the past year and they are almost unanimously horrified by this. They aren’t cheering! Only the super-duper progressives are. The only place where I can go to hear a discussion of how threatening and destructive this is (including the part you mentioned in the last sentence) is Fox News.


        2. The new jobs are prisoner and prison guard. This generates a lot of other employment, as in making the equipment the guards use, which is a lot, and construction, of buildings and fences. And corporations make money.


  4. You can see the same claptrap on Andrew Yang’s campaign website:

    What made me initially wary of Bernie is that all of his young supporters are very much of the AOC-esque, “I love UBI” variety. They are convinced that Bernie is cut from the same cloth, and portrayed him this way when talking about him. Once I learned more about him, I realized that actual Bernie is nothing like the Bernie these people have constructed in their heads. Funnily enough, it was Hillary who considered a UBI proposal. AOC is the real version of the imaginary Bernie young progressives love.


      1. When I see the people he surrounds himself with, I get worried. The man’s biggest flaw is he loves having a fanbase and doesn’t like angering them. We’ve seen him cave before, the question is how much he can cave. That’s another point in favor of Biden, should he run; that man isn’t going to compromise to please idiots.


        1. I couldn’t agree more. For me, the big test is if Bernie will succumb to the pressure to get on board with reparations. Everybody else is doing it, do he might be tempted. But he needs to remember that his challenge is to make himself mainstream, not the other way round.


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