I was outrage-mobbed once, years ago. People got so angry with me that they found my real name and address, gathered every photo of me they could find (this was before I posted photos of myself on the blog or had an FB), dedicated websites to condemning me, and dredged up stuff from my past that I’d long forgotten.

And the funniest part?

It was all a mistake.

These were either gamers or role-players of some sort who mistook me for the sister of one of their fellow gamers or RPers who had created some sort of drama in their community. It just so happened that the sister’s avatar was Clarissa.

The mob went completely crazy. That other Clarissa must have really gotten under their skins (and good for her because they totally deserved it). I would get half a dozen links a day from the anti-me websites, blogs and 4chan threads they started in order to bash me.

So what did I do?

I ignored the mob completely. Beyond the very first link that I followed and where I found out about the sister and the ensuing investigation, I never followed any of the links. I never read their emails, visited their threads, let through their comments, or tried to explain anything. I also didn’t engage mentally. Didn’t think about it, didn’t talk about it, didn’t care about it.

Eventually, they must have tired out because the links, the emails and the comments (it was before Twitter, God, I’m old) stopped.

This is the only way to deal with mobbing. It’s intense but short-lived. They all blow over very fast.

These dumb authors who cancel the releases of their novels because of mobbing should instead pretend nothing is happening, ignore the mobs, and they will go away. The worst possible mistake is to try to explain yourself, or worse yet, apologize.

Forced to Watch Fox

Another epic monologue on Tucker Carson tonight. And it’s about the issue that I care the most about in public life, which is the collective mobbing of people in coveted jobs for something they might have said a bizillion years ago.

If anybody else on TV talked about it, I wouldn’t have to watch Fox News. But everybody else encourages this bullying instead of analyzing it.

If anybody else talked about the danger of tech tyranny, automation, smartphone addiction, and ideological totalitarianism, I wouldn’t be forced to watch Fox. But nobody else is unless it’s to celebrate all this crap. Nobody speaks in my voice anywhere else. So what am I supposed to do?

When Idiots Clash

In the clash between Muslim parents and school authorities in the UK over the teaching about homosexuality to small kids, everybody is being a damn idiot.

The parents are idiots because they think kids are harmed more by anything any teacher says at school than by this upheaval. They are also idiots because they think that you can be taught to be gay at school and that school indoctrination works. I grew up in the USSR. It doesn’t work.

The teacher is an idiot because he has no understanding of basic child psychology and doesn’t know that 5-year-olds haven’t reached even the first major stage of separation from parents, and a perception of an antagonism between parents and teachers is very damaging to the learning process.

I wouldn’t want my kid to be taught absolutely anything whatsoever about gender and sexuality at school because I believe that this isn’t what schools are for. But I wouldn’t join any protests because that does a lot more harm than good. At five, a child needs a happy mommy and a happy daddy who are at peace with the school a lot more than… pretty much anything else.

As a teacher, I wouldn’t enter into a clash with parents because, with such young kids, the most helpful thing in my work is an open channel of peaceful and friendly communication with the parents.