Forced to Watch Fox

Another epic monologue on Tucker Carson tonight. And it’s about the issue that I care the most about in public life, which is the collective mobbing of people in coveted jobs for something they might have said a bizillion years ago.

If anybody else on TV talked about it, I wouldn’t have to watch Fox News. But everybody else encourages this bullying instead of analyzing it.

If anybody else talked about the danger of tech tyranny, automation, smartphone addiction, and ideological totalitarianism, I wouldn’t be forced to watch Fox. But nobody else is unless it’s to celebrate all this crap. Nobody speaks in my voice anywhere else. So what am I supposed to do?

7 thoughts on “Forced to Watch Fox”

    1. I gave up when I got to the happy hunter-gatherers and the disastrous agricultural revolution. It’s the kind of thing that aged hippies love but I detest aged hippies.


  1. “forced to watch Fox.”

    MSNBC and CNN are much more entertaining tonight…watching hosts like Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donald practically break into tears and fall out of of their chairs from a heat attack because Pelosi said “[Trump] isn’t worth it” regarding impeachment. 🙂


  2. “the collective mobbing of people”
    Is ‘mobbing’ a recognized word in US English now? I remember first seeing it in Polish back in the 90s. IIRC it was
    “Nobody speaks in my voice anywhere else. So what am I supposed to do?”
    The powers that be don’t want people’s voices they want endorsements…


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