Empowered Budweiser

These empowered Budweiser ads are kind of creepy. I liked the old ones more. Of course, it doesn’t matter because it’s the worst beer on the planet. Budweiser is an international code word for cat piss beer.

Thoughtcrime @SarahLawrence

Who told me Sarah Lawrence was a good college? Have you seen what’s going on there? The rich snowflakes are trying to strip tenure from a professor for writing an op-ed in a hugely subversive newspaper called the New York Times:

Students at @SarahLawrence are currently occupying the prez’s office with a list of demands, including this one. Abrams’ “crime” was writing an op-ed in the NYT that these students disagreed with. This sends chills up my spine. https://t.co/0J0kaNmAQD

This professor stepped away half an inch from the party dogma, and just look at how the overfed donkeys bray in righteous anger. They are so insufferably dumb that they have no idea tenure only exists to protect professors from them and idiots like them. There is no other point to it.

The whole school is a joke because the president refused even to protect the professor from vandalism on the part of the spoiled brats.

Exclusivity Is Good

While I’m on my mother-daughter day, please read this post on how one of the best schools for black students got destroyed. Everything good in education is always destroyed in the name of the so-called inclusivity. I hate inclusivity because in order to work, education can’t be completely inclusive beyond the very primary stage.

Brilliant people need to have a chance to hang out together in exclusive environments completely irrespective of what led to them being brilliant and how unfair this process was.