Careful What You Wish

Read another real story about the amazing Scandinavian healthcare. If you are at death’s door, you get great free healthcare. But if you are a cancer survivor who needs to get tested regularly to make sure the cancer hasn’t come back, fuck off to an insanely expensive private provider or travel to Eastern Europe.

What Works

Elizabeth Warren is condemning the parents who have bribes to secure college admissions.

She’s right. The dumbasses should have spared themselves the hassle and claimed to be Native American. It worked for her, after all.

Old News

About the admissions scandal, I’ve got to say this: I went to a graduate program in Spanish at an Ivy with a daughter of a Russian oligarch who had no idea what the MLA is and who Galdós was. She was the nicest person but with the intelligence of a 10-year-old and definitely no interest in a PhD in Spanish.

So, yeah, old news. And I still detest spring break.