Clown Cart

This is from Beto’s speech in Iowa:

“The challenges in this country have never been greater or more severe or more critical.”

This kind of thing definitely appeals to layabout snowflakes who want to feel important. Ooh, nobody has ever had it as bad as we do. Ooh, we are fierce warriors, fighting against horrible things our ancestors couldn’t even imagine.

And off they go to their Twitter wars, feeling like they really matter.

What a worthy addition to the clown cart.

Structural Pain Happens Every Day

This is how the protesting snowflakes at Sarah Lawrence speak:

The Coalition ally responds, expressing her frustration that she is white and the only student who administration has apologized to. “I am not facing the structural pain that is happening to the people of this movement every single day at… this institution.”

— The Phoenix (@SLCPhoenix) March 13, 2019

I’m not facing… the structural pain… that is happening…to the people of this movement… every single day – what language is this, exactly?

A lot of structural pain happens to me when I face the English language being tortured this way.

The Cleanse

Is anybody here into juice cleanses? I’m doing one from the local hipster cafe (I’m a Bernie supporter, remember?), and it’s amazing. The energy is really great, and I don’t feel hungry at all. Which is weird because I always feel hungry.

They give you 4 juices, a bunch of infused waters, and a healthy meal a day for 3 days.

I’m on day 2, and I’m experiencing great inner peace. Which is bizarre because I have two huge deadlines for which I’m doing zero work because I’m at home with a sick, fussy toddler. Plus, we had another electrical outage today. But I feel totally zen. I’m practically dripping with the milk of human kindness. If you know me in person, you understand how unusual that is.

At Home

Klara is sick with a cold, and I’m at home with her. In case anybody is wondering what’s up with the sudden night-time posts after a day of no posting.

I always forget that the effect of the beach trips lasts exactly until spring break, after which she starts catching colds. And it’s dumb to plan a lot of work for spring break because I’ll manage to do exactly nothing.

#Thumbtack Is Dead

It’s unbelievable that such a great website was completely destroyed by the beain-dead losers who manage it.

Used to be, I’d post a project, and people who wanted to do it would contact me with quotes. Everybody would be happy. I did a bunch of projects through Thumbtack, hired some great people.

But then the dumb, dumb, relentlessly stupid folks who are in charge of the site / app now decided to turn it into another Yellow Pages. As if Yellow Pages weren’t completely dead. And now Thumbtack is dead. I tried using it today but the algorithm is beyond primitive, and the whole thing is unusable.

I hate what’s been done to Thumbtack.