Clown Cart

This is from Beto’s speech in Iowa:

“The challenges in this country have never been greater or more severe or more critical.”

This kind of thing definitely appeals to layabout snowflakes who want to feel important. Ooh, nobody has ever had it as bad as we do. Ooh, we are fierce warriors, fighting against horrible things our ancestors couldn’t even imagine.

And off they go to their Twitter wars, feeling like they really matter.

What a worthy addition to the clown cart.

9 thoughts on “Clown Cart”

    1. Why are people saying he’s just like Obama? Obama is brilliant. I dislike a lot of what he did but he’s an intellectual and a great public speaker.

      All he has in common with Beto is that both are thin. I see nothing else.


      1. They’re both young and reasonably attractive, and they both have a following of young people who think they’re cool. Beto isn’t actually cool though, he just seems cool to people who aren’t cool but wish they were. The kind of people who saw the skateboard antics he was up to and thought they were awesome instead of embarrassing. Or the kind of people who think it’s normal for a man in his 40s with a wife and kids to abandon them to go on a three week road trip to “find himself.” Please don’t run for president during your midlife crisis…


          1. There’s been some very funny mockery of his travel journal.

            As I type this, it’s a reminder that he has a quality Trump has: he’s very fun to hate. Not a good quality for someone we don’t want anywhere near the nomination to have. It means he manages to command attention.


  1. New Zealand Shooting Live Updates: 49 Are Dead After 2 Mosques Are Hit

    Forty-nine people were killed in shootings at two mosques in central Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday, in a terrorist attack that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described as “an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence.”

    • Officials said that one man in his late 20s had been charged with murder, and that two explosive devices were found attached to a vehicle that they had stopped.

    • A Muslim leader in New Zealand said the attack was especially shocking as it took place around Friday Prayer. The police urged people to stay away from the mosques until further notice.

    • A video and manifesto that appeared to be by a gunman involved in the shooting were posted online on the day of the attack….


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