Spell Check on Opioids

It’s pretty annoying and quite disturbing that the Android spell check always suggests the word “heroin” after the word “buy.” Even though I send a TM with the words “buy milk” all the time while “buy heroin” never appears in my messages.

2 thoughts on “Spell Check on Opioids”

  1. Seems to be heavily influenced by location. After staying at a monastery one night, my spellcheck went hyperreligious even though the keyboard app doesn’t have location permission. Switched to AnySoftKeyboard the day after.


  2. The way this world is so obsessed with “drug abuse” and “opioid crisis” it just seems to spill over into every other realm.
    It’s like, “No wonder we have such ‘drug abuse’ issue! They’re constantly throwing that shit in our faces constantly!”
    Maybe if it wasn’t such a big deal people would start ignoring it and, maybe, people would either grow up and out of it or find something else to get addicted to.
    …just saying ….


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