Imaginary Control

I also find it ridiculous that after every terrorist attack people go wailing, “Don’t give the terrorists what they wanted!”

What the terrorists wanted is to kill people. And they did. The idea that you can somehow thwart them is childish wish-making. It offers a feeling of control, but that control is imaginary.

Don’t Read

Don’t watch the video. Don’t read the manifesto. Don’t share or engage with this hateful bullshit.

Do not give these white supremacist scum the attention they desperately crave.

Amplify Muslim voices. Donate to Muslim charities. Love your Muslim neighbors.#NZMosqueShooting— Charlotte Clymer🏳️‍🌈 (@cmclymer) March 15, 2019

OK, this is simply nuts. Not the loving the neighbor part, which I’m very much into, but the part about not reading the manifesto.

“Don’t read but instead stupidly emote on Twitter” is not the answer to any problem. To the contrary, read, think, find things out, think some more. That’s the only way.


Oh, so the New Zealand terrorist was one of those eco-nuts who are obsessed with overpopulation. I had somebody like him (minus the murderous tendencies, obviously) on the blog some years ago. Like Brenton, he ranted about forests and lakes being squeezed out by “concrete and steel, smog and wires” to accommodate the actively breeding immigrants.

Spring Break Is Almost Over

The spring break is pretty much over, and I got nothing done because I was at home with Klara all week except for Monday. But on Monday I had to do a ream of aggravating yet necessary paperwork and a bunch of grading, so zero work got done.

I’m glad things turned out this way, though. I would have never taken a complete break from work if Klara hadn’t forced me to do it. We discovered several fun places in the area and had a ton of fun. The deadlines are still all there but, hey, I got to do some great trampolining this week.

NYTimes: The Tragedy of Baltimore

I lived in Baltimore back in 2009 and recently had a chance to visit again. What the article says is true, the city was going in a very positive direction until dumb do-gooders came and started conducting their social-justicey experiments, and the city went to hell. It’s the same thing as the crime wave of the 1970s and the release of the mentally ill into the streets in the 1980s. A dumb experiment designed by a bunch of clueless socially conscious snowflakes that destroys people.

Voting Age

People who suggest lowering the voting age haven’t been spending much time with teenagers. If they did, they’d clamor to get it raised to 35.

Ask a group of 17-year-olds what the Supreme Court does (“like, when my dad had like a speeding ticket, that’s where you go, right?”), what capitalism is (“like what they have in North Korea? Or other bad places?”), or what the president does (“he makes laws!”), but make sure first you have a competent psychologist to help you handle your reaction to what you discover.

(And please don’t tell me how your kid is different. You are probably a college professor or somebody equally intellectually sophisticated. You are not indicative of anything.)