Don’t Read

Don’t watch the video. Don’t read the manifesto. Don’t share or engage with this hateful bullshit.

Do not give these white supremacist scum the attention they desperately crave.

Amplify Muslim voices. Donate to Muslim charities. Love your Muslim neighbors.#NZMosqueShooting— Charlotte Clymer🏳️‍🌈 (@cmclymer) March 15, 2019

OK, this is simply nuts. Not the loving the neighbor part, which I’m very much into, but the part about not reading the manifesto.

“Don’t read but instead stupidly emote on Twitter” is not the answer to any problem. To the contrary, read, think, find things out, think some more. That’s the only way.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Read”

  1. If I had the time, I’d love to read the manifesto to try to get a sense of the guy’s worldview that led him to commit this atrocity. It’s a little similar to how I love watching true crime on TV: I’m interested in deviant individuals and why they do what they do, but that’s it. They could never “inspire” me to do what they have done. I’m not a violent person; in fact, I’m not even a confrontational person, even in those cases when I probably should be (e.g., to question inequities at work that could actually be remedied so that I don’t get screwed over).

    Now on a slightly related note…Do you know who Charlotte Clymer is? She’s the former male feminist who was accused of harassing women and was consequently ostracized from the feminist community. Then he decided he was a woman. She recently decided to sue a Latino club because one of the employees didn’t allow her to use the women’s restroom in the club. So a white individual thinks it’s a great idea to sue Latinos over the bathroom because an employee was trying to protect women in a busy club. You have the option of viewing this as either (1) an unfortunate misunderstanding, or as (2) an instance of the horrible, systemic oppression that trans people face and that must be challenged through a lawsuit. So what option does Charlotte go with? Option #2, of course.


    1. It’s very important to find out what happened because already myths proliferate. I saw an article in the NYTimes today that the attack stemmed from Islamophobia. This is completely wrong. There isn’t a word about Islam in the whole 76-page manifesto. The attack was motivated purely by racism. The terrorist is a racial separatist who believes that races should live separately.

      I never heard about Charlotte Clymer. But yeah, it sounds crazy enough to be true.


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