Oh, so the New Zealand terrorist was one of those eco-nuts who are obsessed with overpopulation. I had somebody like him (minus the murderous tendencies, obviously) on the blog some years ago. Like Brenton, he ranted about forests and lakes being squeezed out by “concrete and steel, smog and wires” to accommodate the actively breeding immigrants.

5 thoughts on “Eco-nuts”

  1. Well, I don’t know what you intend by focusing on that aspect, but he was also an anti-Muslim race warrior and that is the key thing.

    He was Australian, and there is significant popular opposition to immigration in Australia now. Something like a third or a half of all people want it reduced. Immigrants concentrate in the state capitals, and infrastructure like public hospitals and public transportation is overloaded. That is the safer reason to want it reduced. But there is also opposition to radical multiculturalism. One of our major populists, Pauline Hanson, who is on the second phase of her political career, is anti-Islam this time around (she was anti-Asian previously).

    It feels a little wrong to talk about the impact on Australia this will have, because the madman went and performed his massacre in New Zealand, another country that he regards as a white homeland being invaded. (He also wrote that part of his inspiration was a recent visit to France, where he saw ‘the invader’ everywhere.) But what it means is that we can no longer try to deal with these issues, without the specter of … I don’t know what to call it, murderous communalism … being part of the picture.

    The 2002 Bali bombing could be viewed as about war and imperialism, and we had so far avoided a truly major ISIS-type attack within Australia itself, but now a man directly inspired by Norway’s Breivik has placed us on the map of global infamy. Our own relatively mild tensions with respect to race, Islam, immigration and identity will be inflamed by this, I don’t know how badly yet.


    1. He wasn’t anti-muslim in the sense of having anything against Islam or the billion or so of Muslims living at home. He hates non-European-origin immigrants.

      It’s important to pay attention to the details.


  2. I believe the planet is severely overpopulated as well, probably fatally to the human race in the end, but the solution definitely isn’t going around shooting mosques up.


  3. My take on the NZ case (which I haven’t been closely following): He wanted to kill people and so he went looking for a philosophy that he could use to justify it (ie he had the same as almost every other terrorist). Spending time looking for motivations beyond his own blood lust is not a productive use of time.
    Figuring out why he wanted to kill people could be or better learning how to spot such potential killers…


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