Imaginary Control

I also find it ridiculous that after every terrorist attack people go wailing, “Don’t give the terrorists what they wanted!”

What the terrorists wanted is to kill people. And they did. The idea that you can somehow thwart them is childish wish-making. It offers a feeling of control, but that control is imaginary.

12 thoughts on “Imaginary Control”

  1. Right wingers, who stood up against going after people for what they did as teenagers in cases like Kavanaugh and Covington, are going after Beto for bad stuff he said as a teenager. Would be nice to see some actual principles, but those seem to be far and few between. I’ll give credit to anyone I see who’s consistent on this though; it’s a new story, and I expect to see some people who actually have principles weigh in eventually. But much of the right only stands for the “principle” of being against dredging up the ancient past when it benefits them politically.


    1. Completely ridiculous, I agree. And why dredge up all this crap when there’s plenty happening right now with him that can be discussed a lot more productively. This outrage excavation is pathetic. God, I hate it. And we all know I’m no fan of Beto’s. But it’s the principle of the thing.


      1. It’s especially funny in light of the fact that many conservatives were willing to cross the aisle for the Ralph Northam scandal. This included conservatives who are almost never willing to do that.


    2. “Right wingers, who stood up against going after people for what they did as teenagers in cases like Kavanaugh and Covington…”

      My, how surprising that right-wing partisans are doing EXACTLY what left-wing partisans routinely do against their political opponents every chance they get — how could they stoop so low??

      As for Beto, he’s already taken the bait and is earnestly apologizing one day after entering the race for the “demeaning comments” from his callow youth.


      1. You say this like me and many others on here don’t constantly criticize the left for this. Just because one side does bad things doesn’t mean I’m going to excuse the other side for also doing bad things.

        This kind of whataboutism was a bad argument when liberals defended their treatment of the Covington teens by saying “poor black kids get mistreated and harshly judged,” and it’s a bad argument here. The solution isn’t to do a bad thing more consistently, it’s to stop doing the bad thing.

        I also do appreciate that the left is honest about who they are when it comes to this; they openly say that people should be judged for what they did a million years ago. The right claims to be against this, so when they engage in it themselves it stings of hypocrisy.


        1. Oh, come on! Can you actually say with a straight face that there’s any difference between the partisan hypocrites on either the right or the left other, except for their underlying ideology — which is the only thing that really matters in politics, anyway.


  2. I think the worry is less giving this specific guy what he wants (he’s dead, who cares?) and more the fear of contagion. When shooters get their faces plastered across media and achieve notiriety, it can potentially inspire others to take the leap. Copycat shootings/terrorism seem to be a real phenomenon. I don’t know that there’s any particular reason for you or I to not read the manifesto though.


  3. I have to hand it to the left. They live in a sewer and are masters of their realm. They fight elections with every dirty trick you can imagine. The fake outrage, mud slinging and the invention of heinous crimes where none existed was a masterful performance. It nearly derailed the Cavanaugh confirmation hearings and would have worked had conservatives not gotten wise to the tactics of the left.
    The genius of Trump was that he was not afraid to jump into the cesspool and fight the leftists on their own turf.
    It’s sad really that we have now devolved from rational debate into throwing excrement at each other but then the left has always been the leader in these sorts of things.


    1. To me, the Kavanaugh hearings were a major eye-opener because I wanted to believe I was on the side that had basically good, sincere people. After the hearings, I couldn’t believe that any more. I’m still reeling from that experience.


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