Voting Age

People who suggest lowering the voting age haven’t been spending much time with teenagers. If they did, they’d clamor to get it raised to 35.

Ask a group of 17-year-olds what the Supreme Court does (“like, when my dad had like a speeding ticket, that’s where you go, right?”), what capitalism is (“like what they have in North Korea? Or other bad places?”), or what the president does (“he makes laws!”), but make sure first you have a competent psychologist to help you handle your reaction to what you discover.

(And please don’t tell me how your kid is different. You are probably a college professor or somebody equally intellectually sophisticated. You are not indicative of anything.)

5 thoughts on “Voting Age”

  1. I’d agree if the adults were generally any better. They’re not. And the kids, at least, haven’t been infected with Fox News, which is in particular a plague of the over-50s in many areas. This makes them worse in my book, and they vote far more regularly.


    1. I can’t imagine a group of 50 adults aggressively insisting that the US is a socialist country while North Korea is capitalist. It just doesn’t happen.

      As for Fox News, for the last two nights it’s been insistently reporting about the suffering of workers at Amazon’s warehouses. A worker was interviewed at length and shared horrible things. It’s actually a regular feature of their prime time reporting. What’s so wrong with being infected by that? How is it worse than the wall-to-wall reporting on the ridiculous Russian conspiracy on every other news channel?


    2. Whose fault is it that so many college freshmen don’t know basic civics or history? When you have decades of systemic disinvestment away from the public school system (and the young) this is what happens. These asinine middle aged to elderly lackwits can’t keep voting to lower or freeze their property taxes and then expect great results while complaining about stupid empty-headed children and their participation trophies.

      I know basic civics and history because I read a lot as a kid but I also had parents and teachers who made sure that I knew these things.


      1. It’s the parents and the smartphones. They stare at duckface selfies all day. Where will they get any knowledge of anything worthwhile from?

        I’m not sure how giving more money to schools would help this. What would the schools buy with the money? More technology to stare at more duckface selfies? Parents who talk to them instead of posting FB updates? The capacity to read a book and enjoy it? How does money solve this?


      2. “asinine middle aged to elderly lackwits can’t keep voting to lower or freeze their property taxes”

        One of the special delights of growing up in Florida is listening to Northern transplant retirees loudly and repeatedly proclaim in public that they’ve already paid to educate ‘their’ children and have no intention of voting for any funding to go to local schools.


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