More on The Americans

So we are still watching The Americans, and even though it was really really hard to get over the linguistic idiocy*, we have learned to enjoy the show.

The writers are either being consulted by somebody in the know or they lucked into creating a perfectly Soviet relationship dynamic. The husband is an endearing, personable wimp, and the cold, pushy wife rides him like a dumb mule. There’s also the perfect depiction of a typically Russian mother, emotionally distant, cold, and almost autistic in her complete self-absorption. If they showed the husband as dominant, we wouldn’t have been able to watch because it would make the whole thing ridiculous.

They are getting some very obvious details of the Soviet life wrong, though. For instance, Soviet pioneers wore their red neck ties every day to school and not just at summer camp.

* There is absolutely zero chance that a Russian-speaker can learn to speak English without an accent in adulthood. The articulation apparatus is too different. Zero chance! And there’s also zero chance you can pass for a local if you haven’t lived in the country until adulthood.

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