Silent Wife

I don’t get the drama about Beto’s wife being silent in his announcement video. Did Kamala’s husband speak a lot in her announcement? Wouldn’t that be very weird? If they are not running, why do we need to hear from them? Barely enough public can be convinced to hear from the actual candidates.

Besides, Beto is already coming off as extremely immature. A wife who has to speak for him because he’s too inept to make his own announcement would be too much even for him.

I very much hope the wife doesn’t take the bait and stays appropriately silent.

5 thoughts on “Silent Wife”

  1. The complains about his silent wife are a predictable pile-on following his stupid apology for his earlier “ham–handed” comments about her.

    Nowadays, whenever anybody is foolish enough to be goaded into apologizing about anything, the apology merely emboldens their enemies to dig deeper and find more faults to complain about.


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