Biden’s Running Mate

Last week, Biden stirred speculation as he met privately with Stacey Abrams, a Democratic rising star who ran for governor in Georgia last fall and is weighing another run for office — potentially even the presidency. Biden requested the meeting, according to a person familiar with the sit-down….

A person familiar with the meeting said Biden and Abrams discussed a variety of topics on policy and politics, including whether she intends to run for Senate next year. The vice presidency was not formally discussed during their meeting, two people familiar with the meeting tell CNN.

That’s exactly what I said would happen. Hah! I finally got something right. But it was obvious from the start.


6 thoughts on “Biden’s Running Mate”

  1. Ok, so what made this obvious to you?

    You didn’t seem impressed with her SOTU response and Demotrash said she sounded “whiny.” How does that translate to “someone I want to have running as my VP/in the Senate when I win*?”

    Everyone thinks they’re going to *win, no matter how much they disavow it afterwards.


    1. He’s an old white guy. That’s number one thing going against him. What’s best to remedy that than a black woman? Somebody blacker than Kamala and with a real grievance. Plus, not conventionally pretty, which Kamala obviously is.

      Who comes to mind when you hear this description?


      1. Also, nominees should be slaughtering each other for Abrams right now. Whoever gets her has a huge advantage. Bernie or Biden are supposed to be good at delivering white working class voters. Ok, let’s hope so. But who’s going to deliver African Americans? The “jailing blacks like it’s a favorite pursuit” Kamala? Warren who laid claims to a fake racial grievance?

        Trump already did a lot better with blacks than Romney. What if he does even better now? And Democrats fail to attract enough?


  2. Meanwhile, in Ohio, Beto seems to be the only candidate who’s visited the Lordstown plant that got closed down. We’re in the news again because Trump nastily tweeted about a union leader there, so an obvious move and a smart one. I’m sure Beto doesn’t really give a shit about unions, but his campaign was smart enough to come here. Where’s everyone else? If the rest of the Democratic party decides to keep up the “ignore Ohio” strategy he could win it in the primary just because people here are desperate for someone to at least pretend to care.


      1. Bernie hit his head in the shower, but I think he’s recovered from that, so time to get down here! Biden and Warren should come too.


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