SCOTUS Rules on Immigration

The Supreme Court on Tuesday adopted a strict interpretation of a federal immigration law, saying it required the detention of immigrants facing deportation without the possibility of bail if they had committed crimes, including minor ones, no matter how long ago they had been released from criminal custody.

What I don’t get is why immigrants who committed crimes aren’t deported immediately. What is this whole thing about “waiting for deportation cases to be resolved”? When N was almost deported – without commiting any crimes and while being in the country completely legally – we consulted a lawyer who said N had no case and should prepare to leave.

So what is it about deportation hearings? Green card holders who committed crimes, ok, maybe, although I’m opposed to that. But illegal immigrants and visa overstayers who commit crimes? Why should they stay when law-abiding, high-earning people like N or me are booted out immediately with no hearings?

I don’t get this system at all. If there were some logic behind it, I could disagree but I’d respect it. But I’m seeing no logic at all right now.


One thought on “SCOTUS Rules on Immigration”

  1. I think it’s coming from different ends…. (that is the worst instincts of both right and left come together on immigration policy with a terrible confluence of wrong ideas).

    The left is loath to ever side with law enforcement against a minority (I get where that’s coming from, but it gets carried way past any point where it’s useful.
    The left doesn’t much care about productive law abiding immigrants.

    On the right, they’re loath to let even one potential cheap semi-slave laborer go, the more unskilled people the better to keep them all in their place.
    And they don’t care about productive law abiding immigrants either (especially if they’re unable to lawyer up and clog the wheels of bureaucracy of money – that means they’re useless wimps).

    And the official open borders people are against deporting anyone ever under any circumstances… so….. yeah, there’s that.


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