Terror in Italy

Oh God. In Italy, a bus driver from Senegal set a bus with 51 kids on fire trying to kill the kids to advance the cause of migration. The kids were rescued, thank goodness. The bus is a charred wreck, so it’s a miracle the kids survived.

Exclusionary Inclusion

I promise, folks, I didn’t make this up:

“[Cambridge] is an inclusive environment and we expect all our staff and visitors to uphold our principles. There is no place here for anyone who cannot,” a spokesperson for the university said.

We are so inclusive that we’ll exclude anybody who isn’t our ideological clone. Makes total sense.

White Nationalism, Cont’d

Let’s take the New Zealand terrorist. We keep hearing he’s a white nationalist. But which nation is he passionately attached to? Australia? France, which he writes about more than any other country? The US where he wants to provoke the repeal of the Second Amendment? New Zealand? To be a nationalist you need to swear allegiance to a particular nation. Which one is his?

To the contrary, his worldview conceives of no differences between nations. He sees them as identical pieces of the larger, and much more important, formation called the West. To him, it’s all about the supra-national concept of race. This is the opposite of nationalism. Once again, let’s look at Ukraine. Ukrainian nationalism includes whites, Tatars, and even the minuscule minority of blacks and defines itself in opposition to the Russian nationalism. To a white Ukrainian nationalist, a Nigerian resident who embraces Ukraine is a dearly beloved brother while a white Russian who hates Ukraine is the enemy.

A nationalism that doesn’t operate with the concept of a nation as the central one is an oxymoron.

White Nationalism

The insistent use of the utterly meaningless expression “white nationalism” instead of simply saying “racism” is due to 1) the complete degradation of the word racism as a result of its being grievously overused and 2) the need to implant in people’s minds the idea that nationalism is evil and irredeemable by nature. People forget that nationalism was the only functioning alternative to the imperial colonialism of the past and is currently the only alternative to the economic and cultural colonialism of the globalization.


People fill their FB feeds with fantasies about how amazing, wonderful, idyllic and superior Sweden is and how we urgently need to get just like it. And then when Trump says we should bring in more immigrants from the superior Sweden, they call him a racist. All he does is indulge in the very American pastime of fantasizing about the supposed superiority of blond, blue-eyed Swedes. It’s dumb but it’s equally dumb when people of any political persuasion do it.

I wonder why the fans of diversity in immigration never post any memes about the amazingness of Zimbabwe or Guatemala. It’s all Sweden, Norway, or somebody equally Nordic. If you are incapable of admiring Ghanans or Salvadorans, do you really want them here in order to despise them? And there are things to admire (see my posts on Central American literature.) But nobody seems very enthusiastic.