White Nationalism

The insistent use of the utterly meaningless expression “white nationalism” instead of simply saying “racism” is due to 1) the complete degradation of the word racism as a result of its being grievously overused and 2) the need to implant in people’s minds the idea that nationalism is evil and irredeemable by nature. People forget that nationalism was the only functioning alternative to the imperial colonialism of the past and is currently the only alternative to the economic and cultural colonialism of the globalization.

4 thoughts on “White Nationalism”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I always get upset when people on CNN talk about how racist the idea of nationalism is–because it’s not.


    1. Absolutely. Look at Ukraine where the current nationalist revival dramatically diminished racism. The idea is that everybody in Ukraine is “one of us.” There’s been an enormous effort at the inclusion of, say, the African people in Ukraine who are a small minority. This was unthinkable before the nationalist movement of the recent years.


  2. “the complete degradation of the word racism as a result of its being grievously overused”

    You’re getting to where I was a couple of years ago. I stopped paying any attention to the word about 99% of the time. There are some sincere people who try to use it in an appropriate manner but they’re hopelessly outnumbered by the hysterics who think that being excited about going to a country is a sign of racism….
    The overuse has actually made it far more difficult to discern when racist actions are taking place and made it far more difficult to address legitimate concerns – and I think the hysterics wanted that result….


    1. Exactly. Like when Beto was excoriated as a racist when he joked that his wife raises their children with his help. I understand the logic of claiming that the joke is sexist (although I think it’s the opposite) but I don’t see the logic of mentioning “white privilege” in this context at all. Nobody honestly believes that non-white fathers are more engaged in childcare than white fathers. That’s clearly ridiculous. So why mention it at all?

      The word racism is now like a sneeze. It’s a sound people emit regularly that has no meaning other than to indicate they got an itch. That’s it.


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