EU Is Nuts

It’s a mystery why anybody would want to be in the EU at this point:

Despite some good intentions, the wholly problematic inclusion of Articles 11 and 13 mean that fundamental principles of knowledge sharing are overturned: in practice users and projects will have to prove they are allowed to share knowledge before a platform permits an upload. The EU Copyright Directive envisions a technical and legal infrastructure that treats user generated content with suspicion unless proved legal. We cannot support this—it is better to have no reform at all, than to have one including these toxic provisions.

What’s going on with Brexit, by the way? The vote was a long time ago, so where are the results?

What is the point of the EU anymore other than these totalitarian measures?


4 thoughts on “EU Is Nuts”

  1. The EU has delivered all sorts of positive things, it’s much easier for people and goods to move around, prices for travel and many goods have dropped considerably, the EU gives out lots of scholarships for young people to go study in other countries and learn other languages, and the structural funds have helped improve quality of life in many poorer areas. The problem with the EU is that most of the good stuff had been accomplished 20 years ago, but they couldn’t just stop and enjoy those benefits, the politicians and bureaucrats keep proposing new things to pad their resumes and justify their huge salaries. It is sad really, people lose sight of the true benefits because of all of the constant stream of new nonsense.

    I’ve been following Brexit and it is not going well. The UK say they want a trade deal with the EU, but they don’t want the trade deal that the EU has offered and the EU isn’t willing to give them the ridiculous deal that they want. The UK basically want all of the benefits of EU membership with none of the commitments, costs, or responsibilities. There’s also all sorts of complexity related to Northern Ireland and the Good Friday Accords. The various maneuverings in the British parliament have been ridiculous and no one really knows what’s going to happen. Brexit is currently set to happen on March 29th, but the UK has requested an extension because they still don’t have a deal. If they don’t agree to the deal on offer, or get an extension on the timeline from the EU in the next few days, or call the whole thing off, they will exit with no deal. The no deal exit could cause all sorts of havoc in the UK and in countries through which lots of UK trade tends to pass, esp. Ireland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. There is a real risk that the no deal scenario will reignite the conflict in Northern Ireland and could prompt Scotland to start a new push for independence from the UK. There are already reports that international companies are scaling back investments in the UK and transferring jobs and financial assets to other countries in the EU. It looks like Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt are picking up lots of jobs and businesses that are leaving the UK, but there are going to be economic losers on both sides if there is a no deal Brexit.


    1. “There’s also all sorts of complexity”

      If your assumption is that the UK government is trying to make good on the result of the referendum it’s very complicated – if your assumption is that they’re doing everything they can (consciously and unconsciously) to make Brexit not happen at all, then…. it’s pretty straightforward.

      If you watched the Good Place think of the scene at the end of the first season just before Eleanor figures out what’s going on… what seemed like chaos became very clear.


      1. I have heard the theory that everything is just an elaborate political theater that will lead to the UK staying in the EU. I have trouble believing that all of the politicians are that coordinated and clever, but I hope it turns out to be true. I don’t think ordinary people in the UK are going to benefit from leaving, but lots of them could wind up suffering.


    2. That’s absolutely my feeling. I was always very pro-EU, seeing all sorts of real benefits to it. But lately, it’s been going in a bad direction, so I’m questioning it now. This censorship deal is very disturbing.

      Thank you for a detailed response. It clarified things for me.


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