I’m an Addict

Of course, I immediately bought books.

Because it’s apparently not enough that I brought 3 books of my own, a Kindle and a stack of issues of National Review for a 3-day trip.

The used book store had nothing in Spanish and I already have Bauman with me, but otherwise the selection reflects who I am perfectly.

5 thoughts on “I’m an Addict”

  1. ” I immediately bought books.”

    Maybe we can found a 12 step program…. in my office I have a crap ton of books in Danish (which I barely read) from the ‘take one!’ shelf outside the library (I have no idea how they all ended up in Poland) and have been telling myself I need to trim down my books…. and today I picked up three more today… I’m sick and I need help….

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      1. ” great to find a fellow addict!”

        And in addition to the Danish books the other day, there was a novel in Catalan today…. so I picked it up. I don’t even like Catalan (I dislike the Catalan independence movement so much it rubs off…) But still… I never know when “Estudi en lila” might come in handy….


          1. ” great to find a fellow addict!”

            I dunno, I was never book deprived… books were overflowing the house I grew up in. I remember when I was living in a kind of duplex and the guy on the other side came in about a question with the utilities and saw a single bookshelf and was all “That’s a lot of books!” (that wasn’t even a large shelf.. good thing he didn’t see the several shelves in the next room.)
            I just like to have lots of books, especially older ones…


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