Hiring Decisions

I like Bernie, but he surrounds himself with such objectionable characters who seem mentally ill that I can’t feel good about supporting him. Bernie doesn’t seem to be a good judge of character.

11 thoughts on “Hiring Decisions”

  1. This is why I can’t make Bernie my top choice (among other reasons.) If he surrounded himself with good people, I might vote for him over Biden, but as it is I’d go with Biden. Bernie still ends up in my top 5 due to a lack of better choices. I learned recently that while on El Paso city council, Beto O’Rourke said that he didn’t think police and firefighters should have a right to collective bargaining, as if I needed another reason to hate him. But as liberals only care about social issues nowadays, nobody will care.


    1. Really? About Beto, I mean. What a worthless dick. Did you see a news item about a guy who created a huge portrait of Beto in a field? What do people find in him? I don’t get it.


      1. People won’t admit it, but it’s because they think he’s attractive. According to polls, he’s particularly popular with older women. Weirdly enough, people also think he’s authentic? I guess he is, in a way. He’s unable to hide that he’s a total loser. He also overshares about his personal life in ways I wish he wouldn’t. “One time, according to a friend, Beto collected an especially verdant turd from one of their kids’ diapers and put it in a bowl, telling Amy it was avocado.” I have no idea why anyone would find that endearing, but he’s not hiding who he is? This is my long way of saying I don’t understand the appeal much more than you do. I don’t think there’s much more to it than “he’s a cute young white guy.” It’s the same kind of people who love the Kennedy’s, which I also never understood.

        Meanwhile, Gillibrand did something good for once in her life, but is already backtracking:



        1. God, why are they such wusses? This would be a great piece of legislation, life-saving. And she already cowers in fear of criticism. How can you be a president if you can’t take criticism? It’s in the job description!


          1. He is so off that he doesn’t know what normal people are like and thinks sharing something like this will make him more relatable, rather than making us think he’s possibly mentally disturbed.


  2. For the life of me, I can’t understand how Democrats can say that Biden and Bernie are both acceptable candidates, as long as one of them can beat Trump!

    You do realize that American politics is going to continue the day after the election is over, right? If the stay-the-course direction that the Hillary-clone neoliberal Biden will take this country and the world is acceptable to you, how can you possibly claim that Bernie’s mad socialist vision of a totally different America doesn’t matter?


    1. Honestly, they all stink. There is no candidate who is proposing anything that I find good or interesting. It’s shocking to me that the Dems can’t come up with a single person who would be saying something valuable. But that’s where we are.

      It was the same thing for Republicans in 2016. A ton of candidates but nobody with anything valuable to say. And we know how that ended. I half wish Trump would win again to teach these dumbasses a lesson.


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