Lifestyle Trumps Money

An interesting article on how Oklahoma started a 4-day school week, and immediately got a lot more job applications from experienced teachers.

It’s no longer about just pay. Work conditions are a lot more important. Why are people with PhDs from great schools flooding the job position in Northern Arkansas with hundreds of applications when the pay is in the low 40ies and there are much better paying careers in more desirable locales? Because lifestyle trumps money. I wouldn’t accept a job that paid five times what my current job pays if it weren’t in academia. The lifestyle doesn’t have a price on it.

Just looking at how N tries to slice up his three-week holiday allowance makes me love my job. He had to stay at home with Klara for three days, which automatically eliminated his plan to travel to Montreal in May. I stayed with Klara for a week and a half, but my extensive travel plans are unaffected.

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