Southern folk, help. I’m eating grits for the first time in my life, and I was given a spoon. Are grits eaten with a spoon? Or a fork?


4 thoughts on “Grits”

  1. “Are grits eaten with a spoon? Or a fork?”

    I’ve always eaten them with a spoon… but what happened, did they spill some stuff into the bowl?
    Grits have little flavor on their own (some treat them as a butter and salt carrier) but there is some which is going to be drowned out by all that other stuff…
    Hominy grits are pretty unavailable in Europe… so I have to have polenta when I’m in a grits mood… it’s not the same…


    1. It’s supposed to be a Southern restaurant with Korean undertones. Which, yeah… But this is such an annoyingly fancy area that it’s the closest you can get to Southern.

      The grits have shrimp, kale, and some succotash type thingy on top. Thankfully, I detect no Korean touches on this dish.


      1. Yeah, the succotash thingy was very dispensable in this dish. Why can’t people just leave good enough alone and offer a regular, unmessed with plate of grits?


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