One Party

A one-party system is a really bad thing. I should know because I lived in one. The party that can’t lose has no reason to listen to the voters. It has no reason to address any of the voters’ concerns. It becomes a vehicle for the personal enrichment of a small political class that couldn’t care less about voters.

Does anybody disagree with this? Does anybody think that if the party you support can’t lose, it’s going to do more for you?

Abolishing electoral college, letting non-citizens vote, lowering the voting age – this is how the Democrats want to guarantee an electoral majority for the foreseeable future. Forget about how it will disenfranchise many people. What will it do for us, registered and passionate Democrats? It’s already hard to make the party do anything for us. How is it going to be better if they are guaranteed to win?


9 thoughts on “One Party”

  1. I think some people would rather have a party that listens to no one than a party that listens to people in the Midwest. However, even with the changes you mention (or at least some of them; if they all happened, idk,) I don’t think Dems would be guaranteed to win, just like gerrymandering, etc. didn’t manage to protect Republicans’ House majority in 2018. So there could very well be a happy medium where Democrats have to listen to voters, but these voters don’t have to be those awful WWC in the Rust Belt.


    1. What’s WWC?

      You might be right because I wouldn’t take the Hispanics for granted. They can easily be pushed away by religion-bashing, Latinex, PC speech, the disrespect for working classes, etc.


      1. White working class. But yes, even if Democrats can get votes from anywhere, there’s plenty of people who they think of as “the base” who they really can’t take for granted.


        1. Yes, they seem to have given up on the white working class with a vengeance. And doing everything they can to repel Asian immigrants for some mysterious reason.


          1. Like what? I get that there’s battles going on over high schools in New York, but the majority of Asian immigrants do not care about that stuff and are not even aware of it.


            1. Making meritocracy a dirty word, for one. Extolling socialism. Despising small business and the idea of bootstraps. Affirmative action. Privileging illegal immigrants as a special interest group over the patiently waiting legal ones.


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