One Voice

And it’s exactly the same with Fox News. They are bad, they are evil, whatever. But do you really, honestly want there to be a single “correct” perspective on offer with no contesting point of view? That’s called propaganda, and it’s bad no matter if you agree with its contents.

There is already a scary uniformity in the media. Do we want even more? Before, we could say, well, there’s the internet for alternative viewpoints. But the internet is being censored by precisely the same folks who create the uniformity of opinion in other media. And the censorship is only going to get worse. Look at what’s happening in Europe where linking is becoming illegal and people who express “incorrect” viewpoints are hassled by the police.

Even if you are completely aligned with the Maddow / WashPo / NYTimes / Don Lemon crowd, do you really want no other voices even to exist? Is that going to be good for you? How? By making sure there’s a one-party system? Because that’s such a great thing?

Remember during the Bush years how crucial it was to have voices that questioned the WMDs? It’s equally important now to have somebody question all of these Julie Swetnicks, Covingtons, collusions, etc.


6 thoughts on “One Voice”

  1. Do we want the internet to become like television and radio? All watered-down, homogenized, sugar-coated, full of preapproved platitudes and heavily regulated?
    I thought the internet was suppose to be an escape from all that. A “universal maverick” of sorts.


    1. You telling me? I agree. But people seem happy to move to the heavily sanitized environment of Facebook where they’ll never escape from their own political bubble.


  2. I think the desire for one voice is what drives the bizarre Jordan Peterson phenomenon on the left. I’m not much impressed by Peterson himself, who seems to be just another would-be self help guru, but I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone else whose mere name is enough to drive progressives so crazy. There are some left bloggers who I read and just the mention of him instantly turns them into 3 year olds, stomping their feet and throwing temper tantrums.

    I think it’s largely because he has an audience that has nothing to do with them and doesn’t really pay attention to them. The entire progressive media/blogging universe spent about a year obsessed with driving Peterson out of the spotlight and people just kept on watching his youtube videos, buying his books, and attending his talks. It seems to drive progressives crazy that there’s this alternate media universe out there that they can’t control.


    1. The Jordan Peterson phobia is insane. I know somebody who unfriends people on FB for mentioning it quoting JP positively. It’s so bizarre. And I think you are right. He’s popular, so he has to be destroyed.


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