Then As Now

The short version: there were no WMDs in Iraq. That was a lie and the media promoted it shamelessly while silencing skeptical voices. Now Mueller has indicted zero Americans for working with Russia to influence the election. Russiagate was a lie and the media promoted it shamelessly while silencing skeptical voices.

Exactly. 100%. The dumb losers learned nothing. And we learned nothing either if we still believe them after each monumental fail.


7 thoughts on “Then As Now”

  1. The long version: This isn’t over by a looooong shot. All day today MSBNC and CNN bumped their regular Sunday programs to have an endless series of Democratic congressmen go on air to bad-mouth Mueller’s and “Trump’s handpicked AG” Barr’s conclusions. They all promised to hold hearings until they find something impeachable.

    And ALL of the Democratic presidential candidates out campaigning today (with the single exception of Buttigieg, who at 37 seems to be the most mature person running) insisted on talking about the Mueller report, even when their audience tried to ask them about real issues.

    The Dems are going to blow this, big-time!


  2. Okay, I just posted a relevant comment that won’t be visible until nobody is reading your “Then As Now” section anymore.

    The man who invented WordPress should be taken outside and shot without a trial.


  3. Here’s what we know:

    We know that Trump’s son took a meeting with a Russian government rep promising info. We know that Trump went on TV to ask Russian hackers to look for Clinton’s emails. Trump quite obviously knew what was going on and rather than calling the FBI he encouraged it.

    But did he coordinate his activity with the Russians? Probably not. Did he aid their hackers? Obviously not.

    But he knew and did nothing, and even obstructed the inquiry.

    If those facts had been laid out without 2 years of prelude, I think we’d be looking at impeachment right now.

    But instead the debate centered on whether there was “collusion.” If we want to make an analogy with the Iraqi WMD lies, here’s a parallel: In 2004 there was a big debate over whether Bush ever said that Iraqi WMD constituted an “imminent threat.” So everyone started going through old speeches and press conferences and other public appearances and looking for the word “imminent.” And if Bush didn’t use the word “imminent” then that meant he didn’t lie. Everything got focused on one word, and if you couldn’t prove that that word was used then Bush wasn’t a liar, in the public narrative.

    That’s what this is. Trump’s management of his campaign, his tolerance of security breaches, and his obvious enjoyment of the Russian hacking, all of these things are obviously unacceptable in the head of the security apparatus, but none of them are “collusion.” Nonetheless, the focus of the public debate was on that word “collusion”, and when that word was found to not apply to what happened he was considered exonerated.


    1. All true. I don’t think it comes close to an impeachable offense because all campaigns are messy but yes, absolutely, concentrating on collusions was a huge mistake.

      The best thing right now is to let it go and move on.


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