Blame the Jews

A Women’s March leader blamed Jews for the Christchurch attack. And then blamed her small children for blaming the Jews for the attack. Of course, tons of people with small children somehow manage to avoid being rabid anti-Semites but whatever.

It’s funny how the same people who passionately (and correctly) insist that criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitic argue that any criticism of anybody who happens to be Muslim is not only Islamophobic but actually leads to murders of Muslims. By somebody else.


3 thoughts on “Blame the Jews”

  1. How the hell could the Jewish (or anything/anyone related to them) have the slightest thing to do with that massacre?
    The one(s) who boldly claimed responsibility were a whole different demographic altogether.

    And, yes, it’s hypocritical for any one faction to garner more favoritism or consideration than others, especially if unearned.


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