“Trump defeats ISIS and fights for Lordstown factory while Democrats want another investigation of who said what to which Russian two years ago.”

It’s not a headline that will ever appear because people writing headlines don’t give a crap about Lordstown or ISIS.


5 thoughts on “Headline”

  1. You also won’t see that headline about Lordstown because he hasn’t done jackshit. I’m all for giving Trump credit where he’s due, but there isn’t any due here.


  2. He is talking about it, which is netter than nothing but his policy has failed to discourage such closings. I would love to see a real dramatic policy that would recenter industrial production in the US. Trump’s tax cutting policy did nothing to slow US disinvestment, meanwhile the main stream democrats totally gave up and declared that manufacturing jobs would never come back.

    Not related, I suppose you dont much like Democratic candidate Andrew Yang due to his UBI platform, but his education platform starts with
    “Explore a gradual phase-in of a desired ratio of administrators to students of 1 to 30 as a condition of public funding as opposed to the current 1 to 21. The ratio was 1 to 50 in the 1970s – if we can get back to that level then college will be much cheaper. “


    1. And he’s against circumcision. That’s good.

      There’s got to be a clearer definition of administration, though. Offices of diversity, inclusion, assessment, and all that kind of idiotic crap doesn’t count as administration but I’d love to see it go.


  3. Lindsay Graham has announced that now that the Mueller investigation is over it’s time to turn to Hillary Clinton’s emails and other assorted crimes. And that’s a headline that was in the Washington Post yesterday.


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