There’s something deeply corrupt going on in the Jussie Smollett story. I hope it doesn’t just get buried like all of the hoaxes we have seen since last August.

6 thoughts on “Corrupt”

  1. Chicago politicians are speaking out, and it seems like even most idiots aren’t buying that this means he’s innocent. However, I expect nothing will come of it. Rich celebrities are almost always going to get away with their crimes. Domestic abusers and pedophiles continue to have successful careers and avoid any major consequences for their actions; things won’t be any different here.

    Speaking of Chicago, how do you feel about the mayoral election? I know nothing about Lightfoot or Preckwinkle. I know you liked Mendoza, but alas.


      1. He’s still very rich. Obviously there is corruption going on, I’m just saying that’s generally the case in situations such as these. The fact that rich celebrities ever end up in jail at all is a testament to how the U.S. is better than most other countries in this regard.


    1. The very first phrase is priceless: ”
      pain’s government has refused a demand from Mexico’s new president that it apologise for conquering the country five hundred years ago.” There was no “country” 500 years ago. And definitely no country called Mexico.

      I hoped Lopez Obrador would turn out to be a good thing for Mexico. But…


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