Trying Hard

Jussie Smollett is celebrating victory and insisting his story was true this whole time. CNN announced that “we will never know what really happened.”

It’s like these people are trying to get Trump reelected.

8 thoughts on “Trying Hard”

  1. “It’s like these people are trying to get Trump reelected.”

    You aren’t currently watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC or Andrew Cuomo on CNN?

    Both of these hosts are gloating that Trump just blew his 2020 chances, because his Justice Department announced today that it is accepting a new court ruling that will basically abolish Obamacare — and endanger the health of millions of Americans who have preexisting conditions.


      1. Sorry my comment sputtered. She has so many other random investigations to focus on so she’ll probably drag out a crime board next. If she drags out a chalkboard we’ll know she’s lost it completely. I mean, Kazahkstan-Ivanka-China-voting machines-<a href=”

        Brian Kemp-community bankinsider loans

        It’s like magnetic poetry but for the most sordid inanities.


  2. Bless Rachel’s resilience. She looked positively puffy eyed on Friday. I stopped watching her a long time ago because I could not take the half hour of longwinded windup she does before she gets to her point, whatever it is.

    And I honestly had no idea who the heck Jussie Smollett was before all of these shenanigans.


    1. That’s exactly what I’m thinking. The Obamas seem to have gotten involved. Kimberly Foxx’s recusal is a formality. She clearly still influenced the case. And she has big political plans.


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