An Intelligent Democrat

A bill that would require all Washington state schools to teach inclusive, scientifically accurate, comprehensive sex education is about to die in the House Education Committee because the Democratic chair, Sharon Tomiko Santos of Columbia City, didn’t like “the politics and the process” of its construction.

Good! Finally, there’s a Democrat who is bright enough to understand that such a bill would do zero good in the age of the internet while creating a perception that public schools brainwash children.

I wish more Democrats woke up and realized it’s not the 1950s. Teaching “sex ed” in schools is akin to teaching how to ride in horse-drawn carriages. State-mandated and state-vetted sex ed is political poison. Nobody in their right mind should be going near it. I’m glad Sharon Tomiko Santos realizes it.


One thought on “An Intelligent Democrat”

  1. We’ve got abstinence education in the schools + porn on the Internet, and the combination is not good. It would be useful if some sort of more rational discussion came in.


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