Lost Hope

Saw Biden on TV hissing with fake hatred, “it’s the white man’s culture.” Realized that voting for Biden would be insane. Lost any hope for a satisfactory candidate.


12 thoughts on “Lost Hope”

  1. Ah, Clarissa, what can I say?? I was hoping to get at least a sane-enough Democratic candidate in the general election that I could do the same in 2020 as I did in 2016, and leave the “President” selection blank. It’s looking more and more like I’ll be forced to actually check the “Trump” box at the top of the ticket — and that will bother the conscience that I thought I’d outgrown terribly. 😦


  2. Hopefully this was just a temporary lapse of judgement. I’m willing to let him back into my good graces if he stops acting like an idiot; every politician on earth has said something stupid at some point, and the pressure to do so during this primary will be intense and every candidate will do it at some point. Biden has no chance of winning the voters who like this kind of rhetoric, so the sooner he gives it up the better.


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