Politics, Not Fame

I think that attributing the collapse of the Jussie Smollett case to “fame and fortune” is an obfuscation. He’s neither that famous nor that rich. The grand jury was unimpressed by his acting career and brought a 16-count indictment against him. A team of expensive star-power lawyers didn’t get him off, like happened to Cullen Davis. An international stardom didn’t blind a jury like it did with Michael Jackson.

I believe that if Smollett were a no-name schmuck from the streets, the situation wouldn’t change a bit. Because it’s about politics and nothing else. We’ve seen this happen very recently in the Covington debacle where no-name schmucks were idolized and condemned because that fit the political narrative.

Unless you think he actually gave a bribe to the prosecutor – which I think is a ridiculous suggestion – I don’t see how fame and fortune played a role.

8 thoughts on “Politics, Not Fame”

    1. “Rahm Emanuel, an Obama shill”

      Yeah, I think that’s a diversion. Given the close Emmanuel and Obama relationship (unless the split?) he’s criticizing the decision in public to make it seem that Obama’s fingerprints aren’t all over this.


      1. I feel bad for the police chief. He’s already in a tough situation but when he manages to clear a case in record time and a mountain of proof, the case is still thrown out. It’s hugely demoralizing. Especially in such a high-crime city whose police force doesn’t often appear on the news in positive contexts.

        We all care about what’s close. To me, Chicago is close. These hate crime accusations hurt. The pained face of the police chief hurts. The smug expression on Kim Foxx’s mug hurts. Thinking about all those police running around investigating a fake crime to please the idiotic national media hurts.

        The story will soon fade from the public’s memory, and that stinks.


  1. “the collapse of the Jussie Smollett case”

    I would use that expression, ‘collapse’ implies prosecutors were making a good faith effort to find evidence and make a case against him.
    I would say the “suppression of the Jussie Smollet case” or “the deep sixing of the Jussie Smollett case” or even “the way the Jussie Smollett case was made to go away”…


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