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Good to know we are not the only ones being batshit crazy.

Its extremely bizarre that people who realize they’ve been writing the same thing for 14 years are actually proud of it. If you don’t have any new, fresh takes on anything, why write at all?

How media bias is manufactured. The result is an intellectual impoverishment for all of us.

The Equality Act and the real war on women.

Gay-hating barbarity in Brunei.

The kind of asylum seekers that get rejected.


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      1. I might send it around to my friends who are supportive of UBI to see if it changes any minds. I was ecstatic to see it.


  1. Thie article is getting roundly ridiculed by liberals, conservatives, and everyone in between. I think articles like this get published because they get outrage clicks, and therefore make Slate, etc. money. Here I am contributing to the cycle.

    Most telling quote: “Another queer politician might have explained how being a member of a marginalized group has informed his understanding of political and structural discrimination, or how conservative politicians contributed to the long “struggle” that preceded his acceptance of his own sexuality, or how witnessing homophobia in the military (something Buttigieg has obliquely mentioned) affected his self-image and performance in the Navy.” The writer wants Buttigieg to perform victimhood for her pleasure. That strikes me as the opposite of progressive; there’s more to being gay than pain and suffering. But victimhood is currency with this kind of person.

    Altogether I hate how it’s considered “progressive” to only be able to see a minority as “the black woman” or “the gay man.” Being gay is an important part of my life, and I’m not an “assimilationist” like Pete, but I’d like to be seen as a three dimensional person. Being gay is just one part of who I am. In this article the writer is unhappy with Pete for not centering his entire identity and campaign around his minority status, but generally when a politician refuses to be defined by their minority status the writer will ignore that and shove them into a box. I saw this in national coverage of my district’s Dem congressional candidate; local media focused on the issues, his record, etc., CNN’s article was entirely about him being a brown guy with a funny name. It was incredibly racist but I’m sure the writer is proud of himself for being so liberal.


    1. “There’s some irony for Geng that, as he’s worked to promote Bluedbaby, he hasn’t been living with his son. Xiao Shu is in Geng’s hometown of Qinhuangdao, about 190 miles east of Beijing, being cared for by Geng’s partner and parents. He video chats with Xiao Shu frequently and visits when he can. The air quality and lifestyle are better in Qinhuangdao, Geng says, and his parents are overjoyed to have their grandson with them. He credits his son with helping mend family ties; his mother was so shocked to learn he was gay, he recalls, that she fell seriously ill.”

      It was a consolation prize for Mom to begin with. It’s really tragic that such a small child already has a job: to make grandma like dad again. I wish people used therapists for this purpose. Or had the courage to tell Mom to fuck off.


  2. Have just read an article about a 61-year-old woman giving birth to her own granddaughter so that her gay son Matthew and his partner would have a child. The sperm was from her gay son’s husband, the egg – from Matthew’s sister who is 25-year-old.

    The quote that stood out:

    // “It’s kind of embarrassing,” Matthew said. “My mom and I are legally Uma’s parents. Nebraska requires the sperm donor to be the father and the person who delivers the baby to be the ‘mother,’ even if she’s not biologically related to the child. This looks really creepy for us. Let’s just say we will NOT be framing and hanging up Uma’s birth certificate. //

    Rod Dreher fails to analyze what exactly he finds so horrible in this, but the quote from C.S. Lewis in the comments does give food for thought (love Lewis’s writing style):


    1. It’s horrible because the guy considers how embarrassing it is for him but never even stops to ponder how confusing and miserable this will be for the kid. The kid is a trophy, not a human being. There is zero concern or even interest in the kid in all of this.


    2. This article blew my mind. I’ve been fuming about it since yesterday. I think what angers me most are the lengths to which the two women in the story went (willingly or under emotional pressure) to make a genetically related baby happen for this couple.

      The two gay dudes get a baby. The physical tool? One of them jerked off.
      The physical toll on the women in the story is enormous and complicated and invasive hormonal ordeals for both, and a full pregnancy and birth for one of them. One guy’s sister went to a full injection cycle so her eggs could get harvested; the other guy’s 61-year-old mother had to get yanked out of menopause to be able to carry and birth a child again, at a great risk to her own health — pregnancy is dangerous even to completely healthy young women. Why did these women do this? This is infuriating female martyrdom and/or emotional manipulation/coercion. I am sorry, but I have never met a man who would undergo the equivalent of these procedures to benefit a woman.

      I hate the cheapening of the gestation process into some sort of commodity. I hate that it plays into the whole patriarchal narrative that women are just these biological vessels for the next generation of real people and new vessels. This same narrative forbids the woman to abort, because she’s just the vessel, the content of her womb is more important than her. She’s not a person, she’s not a mother, she’s ‘just an oven’ (in which babies=buns are presumably baked), as one Hollywood gay, actor who’d used surrogates to get his own kids, said of the process.


      1. God, absolutely. And there is a toll on the kid, too. There is this whole confusion about who’s the mom, who’s granny, who’s the aunt. Adopted children go to great lengths to find out who their real parents are because the human psyche demands the knowledge of the person’s history. And here the history is so tangled and messed up that nobody can figure it out.

        And what’s all this in service of? These exploited women and the confused kid, what is the great benefit of all this? That two dudes can pretend they are not two dudes? Why not foster, adopt, have a child with a lesbian couple and raise it together with a clear understanding of who’s mom and who’s dad?

        This is unhinged consumerism at its worst. And yeah, the sister and the grandma are put through hell, and for what? The sister is only 25, and she went through an utterly unnecessary, very invasive procedure that will have God knows what consequences for her health.

        This is simply wrong.


    3. It just seems psychologically weird. Your birth mother is your grandma and your egg donor is your aunt.
      It’s something out of “I’m My Own Grandpa” or a Hapsburg family tree but with technology!

      Why didn’t they find someone not related to them to physically help them with their goal of having a biological child?

      Your in-laws are going to hold this over you and your kid forever. “I gave birth to you, young lady!” “I am your aunt and your mom!”

      I would literally be childless forever before asking my mother or my brother for such a thing.

      Aside from the weird family dynamics, I don’t want to double up on some of the inherited illnesses in my family if I can help it.

      Clearly, I am not a “modern” in that sense.


  3. Via Technology as Nature:

    “No Unescorted Ladies Will Be Served”
    For decades, bars excluded single women, claiming the crowds were too “rough” and “boisterous” and citing vague fears of “fallen girls.”

    Sex-segregated bars now seem like a relic of a more regressive time, but the days of gender exclusion in public accommodations may not, in fact, be completely behind us. Recent news items have suggested that some restaurants and hotel chains are cracking down on single women drinking and vacationing alone, due to familiar concerns over prostitution and sex trafficking.


      1. Let’s look at the article from the point of view of Han’s theory. A great collective, truly political movement of the past is cited to support a lonely consumer’s right to eat alone. Everybody is supposed to read the article alone, feel outraged alone, and take lonely action by linking and liking, which benefits Capital. This is an illusion of being part of something, being politically active that people willingly choose instead of doing something actually political. Nobody forces anybody to stop political action. People willingly choose it themselves. There’s no visible coercion, just brain manipulation.


  4. Have you read posts Аркадия Бабченко about Владимира Зеленского and Юлию Владимировну? I know zero except his posts, so wanted to ask you whether they reflect reality. The posts are on his lj: “Юлия Владимировна” and “Пока вся Украина плакала – ты ржал.” Waiting for his post about the current president Poroshenko.

    On another topic, the second long read about neoliberalism is up on spiked:

    The truth about neoliberalism
    It is the fear of the nation state as a democratic force that underpins the neoliberal project.


    1. I agree with Babchenko. My parents will disown me for this (joke) but I’m for Poroshenko. My mom is for Ze. And my dad is for somebody way at the bottom whose name I can’t remember.

      My parents listen to a lot of oligarchic propaganda, unfortunately. But Babchenko is a trustworthy source, so whatever he says is valuable.


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